5 Basic Nail Tips You Need In Your Beauty Regime


I think it’s safe to say that although many girls give just as much emphasis on maintenance of nails as anything else, there still are a lot of us for whom manicures aren’t monthly affairs. To them, I want to say, girls, nails matter! They are the first things anyone notices on your hands, and most importantly, it is where those pretty nail varnishes go.

You don’t have to book an appointment at the salon to take care of them. Just follow these simple hacks, and before you know it, your nails are only as healthy and beautiful as the campus princesses.

1. Cuticle Remover

That ugly skin surrounding your nails is just off-putting! Remove those using a scraper instead of using a cuticle remover. The scraper efficiently cleans up the dead skin cells too.

2. Oil Removal

Using a Q-tip, apply acetone to your nails to remove the oil which sits on your nail. Also, avoid touching your nails before applying any nail polish.

3. Filing Your Nails

Make it a point to buy a good quality nail filer to use on your nails. Make a habit of filing your nails instead of cutting them off every once in a while. It enhances the beauty of nails and makes them stronger.

4. Nail Polish

After so many years of applying nail paints so many women still do it the wrong way! Use the above picture as your guide to applying your varnish correctly.

5. Moisturize

Use a nail cream before you wipe your nail paint off to remove nail polish remains on the skin around your nails. Otherwise, the acetone takes away your skin’s nourishment and makes them dry.