Your Makeup Guide For A Flawless Finish


Makeup Guide-Makeup holds such importance in our lives in today’s time; it’s hard to emphasize it with simple words. Makeup has the power to celebrate your beauty by enhancing our natural facial features while hiding a few flaws here and there. It is also an expression of self, like art. Applying makeup is nothing short of a creative process, and many of us feel reluctant while entering the world of lip-gloss and eye-shadow as amateurs.

Like every other art, makeup too has specific guidelines that all of us must work around to make the best out of our products. Here are the basic makeup guide , just scroll on to know more.

Here’s a step-by-step makeup guide

1. Foundation Followed By Concealer

Makeup guide

Makeup guide-Start with the foundation application on your face to even out your skin tone and get a smooth finish. Follow it up with concealer blended evenly in your skin to hide blemishes and breakouts or any other flaws and highlight specific facial features.

2. Flawless Thin Nose

Take some bronzer or a contour palette/stick or some darker concealer and contour it and blend it well along the sides and tip of your nose.

3. Fill Those Eyebrow

Don’t go striking your brush around randomly on those eyebrows if you don’t want them to look animated. For a more natural approach, start by outlining the shape of the eyebrow and then fill it in with careful light strokes. Don’t make them too dark.

4. Highlighter For Eyes

Here is a makeup guide for brightened and sparkly eyes, dust on a powder highlighter and blend in well for a perfect matte finish.

5. Wing It

To get that perfect winged liner look to create a light and sharp stroke from the outer corner of your eyes and joining it, draw another line extending till the middle of to form a triangle. With a few more strokes ensure that you connect the eyeliner from center to inner corner of the eye and do not leave any blank spots.

6. Check The Mascara

Avoid flaky lashes by removing excess mascara with the help of a toothbrush. This will give a neat and flawless finish to your eyelashes.

7. Pump Those Lips Up

To get the fuller lips, use your lip balm to smoothen your lips after you brush off the dead skin off of them using a bristled brush. Dab some loose powder on the lips and outline your lips with a lip liner. Apply a dark shade of lipsticks on the corner of your lips go lighter as you approach the middle. Blend the colors to get an even and flawless finish.

8. Keep Your Lips Healthy

The coatings of lipstick you apply on your lips every day are full of chemicals that affect your skin on the lips, making them dry and chapped. Avoid this by creating a screen between your lips and the products with a moisturizer, be it a lip balm or Vaseline. This keeps your lips moisturized and soft. Also, exfoliate your lips thrice a week to keep them smooth by getting rid of the dead skin. Using Vaseline for lips every night also benefits them a lot, keeping that smile healthy and beautiful.