5 Best Trick Tests To Check Your Logical Brain


Puzzles to test your logical brain-Well, we always think that our life is colorless because there is no opportunity that it allows us to act as the detective person. But the condition is we should find something that is missing such that we will look over the matter appropriately. Think a mug suddenly gets disappeared when you were at your work. And with that our brain keep on testing and making attempts to which it is capable of doing so.

Many people like solving serious matters and puzzles. Here the article is for them. We will attempt to test you with the logic and also check how much attention you pay to some question. Also, it will tell us that how long it takes to initialize the detective spirit in you. Well, you should know all these matters regarding yourself. It is time to check yourself, and you will even get the right answers to your questions. Let us play the tricky game of bonus here.

Puzzles to test your logical brain

Here comes the first one with the simple warm-up.

5 Best puzzles to test your logical brain

Well, you can find that the two hunters are trying to find the animal to hunt. Once with the look, it seems they have seen one but an animal, but then they even ran after it and hence lost it. But the deer is still not far away because there was no time in which they escaped from the hunters. I hope the hunters will soon reach them out. Are you able to find those smart animals? Where could they be?

The next one would seem to be a bit complicated to you. The encounter one.

This is one of the complicated puzzles to test your logical brain. Two friends found each other in the street. Now they are meeting coming from opposite sides. You can see their happy faces this side — one of the friend’s names, Jane. She asks another one, “Hey, Alice. Where are you going?” Alice replied to Jane saying she was about to enter house number 23. And in return, Jane noted that she was to visit Sarah who lives in house number seven. Now answer these questions:

Find out which them of two is Jane and the other Alice.

The girl with the bobby hairstyle where is planning to go.

Can you find out which one of them is the owner of the cat?

The girls in the picture are with the name, Helen, Maria, and Irene. The cat is of one among these three girls. And she is the owner, but all three are playing with it. But we ask you if you can readily identify the owner of the cat. Can you help us out to answer the question?

The kids have planned to enjoy one walking trip. It proved to be adventurous.

Here in the picture are five kids who are going on a trip, and Mike is standing first in the line. Olivia is the girl who was moving next to Max and Alex with the side by side for the sake of the name. But the question arises that which one of them is walking to which direction.

Both the ladies are best friends of each other, and they two have collectively come near water source river to collect some water and water their garden. But are you able to identify which one of them will take the more?

Answers to the following puzzles.

Well, we are sorry for the poor hunters because they cannot even find the deer who was hiding behind a tree. It seems it was branches of the tree.

The encounter

Alice is the one with Bobby hairstyle. It is because, in most of the cases, we find odd numbers of the buildings on the left-hand side and 23 is more prominent than 19 thus it is Alice who is walking towards house number 19.

The cat

The owner of the cat is with the torn tights. She is the girl with ripped thighs by the cat.

Kids planning a trip

All five of them are moving from left to right-hand side.

The old ladies enjoying watering cans

The can of a lady on the left side is more significant than that of the right side. But if you observe that the spouts are at the same level. Hence both will bring the same level in their cans.