If you’re tired and bored with your basic daily eyeliner, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to teach you how to pump up your look using different double winged eyeliner. These steps will definitely get you rid of your boring look and will provide you a touch of elegance.

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Double winged cat eye eyeliner.

This look might seem very difficult but is in fact super easy to attain. Start by applying the eyeliner as you usually do, but make the wing stretched out.  After you finish your upper lash line, repeat the same process with your lower lash line. Finish your entire look by applying eyeshadow for a smoky look.

Fish styled double wings

This is extremely chic and super trendy style. Again, start by applying your eyeliner in the usual manner. But when you work on the lower lash line, create a wing on the lower lash line as well and connect both the wings at the outer corner of the eye.

Two-way double winged eyeliner

Start lining your upper lash line. Make it thinner towards the inner corner and thicken it out as you move towards the outer corner. Do the same with your lower lash line. Make sure that both the upper and lower wings are parallel to each other. Finish your look by applying multiple coats to make your eyeliner darker.

Ombre Double Winged Eyeliner.

Apply your basic black eyeliner and wing it out. Now using your eyeshadow, create another line using either a single color or multiple colors just above the previous line. If by mistake you get your eyeshadow on your eyeliner, apply another coat of liner to correct it.

Mélange: Double Liner

It is very similar to applying the eyeliner regularly. The only difference is that the upper line is thicker as compared to the lower line. This gives an elegant and defined look. Add some turquoise eyeshadow to make it even more beautiful.