5 Of The Biggest Eyeliner Mistakes Everyone Is Making


Eyeliner Mistakes-A woman can skip her makeup for the day but she cannot avoid her eyeliner. In today’s time eyeliner has become an important part of a woman’s life. But eyeliner is something which needs a lot of time and stability and even after this some we get negative results because of the method of application of eyeliners. Here are some briefly explained eyeliner mistakes that is done by a woman while applying eyeliner.

5 Of The Biggest Eyeliner Mistakes

The gap between lashes and liner

Eyeliner Mistakes

Leaving gaps between the lashes and the liner is one of the most common and annoying mistakes and can make you look dramatic as the gap between the lashes and the liner is pretty visible. To avoid this situation make sure that you apply the liner as close as possible and do not forget to fill the gaps. Mostly these gaps are generated when we use pencil eyeliner so, for the better application you can use liquid eyeliner.


Liquid liner along the bottom lash line

Some women are habitual of using eyeliner on their bottom lash line but the thing is the under eye skin is pretty delicate to use eyeliner on it and as well as it offends the makeup rules as well you use eyeliner on bottom lash line then it will make your eyes look smaller in size. And if you can’t leave your bottom lash line simple then you can use a pencil or kajal on it as it gives some Smokey look to eyes.

Disconnected lines

Most of the women while joining the lines of the eyeliner make the situation worse due to the improper application of the eyeliner. The liner could make your eyes vary in size. Most probably your one eye will look greater or smaller than the other one. So better be conscious while applying eyeliner as it needs a lot of stability and a sufficient amount of eyeliner.


Too much inner corner liner

We think that bold eyeliner at the corner of the eyes looks great but it is something which could make you look cross-eyed. The proper method is to start over with a thin line and then make it bold at the middle part and then again thin at the corners, only using this method you could get the perfect shape of eyeliner but you have to avoid the eyeliner mistakes that you were making before.

Trying to draw one continuous line

While trying to make the eyeliner continuous we tend it to break it and the thickness varies in unnecessary places. For better application start from making dots on the lash line and then try to connect the dots without picking up the wand and take it smoothly until the end and you can also use any sharp thing for making an arch.