5 Best Ways To Line Up Your Eyes At The Different Moments


5 Eye makeup. You require practice and patience for the art of makeup because makeup is an art. If you apply the makeup skillfully, then the composition can completely change your look, and it will also highlight the essential features of your eye.

The eyes are the most expressive feature of your face along with it being a mirror of your soul. In your overall makeup look, the eye makeup is the most crucial part of it. We will teach you the ways how to create the perfect eyeliner look in five different ways to reshape, accentuate your eyes and give your eyes with the extraordinary beauty. A person even looks beautiful with the only eye makeup without the face makeup. Your beauty gets highlighted only with the perfect eye makeup. The beautiful and perfect eyes can attract anyone in front of you.

Pin-up winged eyeliner

5 Eye makeup for different moments

It is a simple retro-style look which is one of the easiest and versatile to create for any event. This look is one of the favorites of everyone because it is straightforward to get this look. You can get this look with eyeliner for any occasion. We also recommend adding black mascara and light color eyeshadow for evening makeup.

Just above your eyelashes, make a fine line with eyeliner to get the perfect winged eye look all the way to the outer corner. Make an extension of the lower lash line with a short upward tip with eyeliner. Then you have to draw a straight line with the liner from the tip of the line to the middle of your eyelid. Now fill the line with the dark black color eyeliner. If you want, then you can make the line thicker.

Cat’s eye

Everyone with this fierce makeup style will notice you. You have first to put some eye shadow to get the look of cat’s eyes. The eyeshadow that you are going to use should match with your skin tone. You can also use gold and silver colors of eyeshadow.

Fully covered lid

This look of eyes is a more dramatic look of cat’s eye. You have to follow these steps to get this very mysterious look of your eyes. You should ensure that the angle of the eyeliner flick should be less upward outside. For this, there is no need to apply eye shadow. Instead, you can use two coats of mascara of ultra black color. If your eyes are tiny, then you should not go for this style. If you highlight your natural eyes, your eyes may look dull and dark. Instead, you should try Cleopatra eyeliner style.

Fine line

When it comes to your beauty always remember that the less is more. To get the fresh and natural look of your eyes, you can draw a fine line along the upper eyelashes. On the outer corner of your eye, slightly widen the line, and you get your look and ready to go for the party. You should line up the outer half only of the eyelid if you have the close-set eyes. To get the better look, you can also curl the eyelashes and coat them with mascara.

The Cleopatra eyeliner style

You will get a sophisticated look by this style of eyeliner, and your eyes will look bigger and brighter. This style of eyeliner is perfect if you have to go for some special event with someone whom you have not met for years.

On the outer part of your eyes, you can apply the darker eye shadow. Line up the upper lash line with the black eyeliner. Then line up the bottom lashes with black eyeliner from the middle. Like the cat’s eye style, extend the eyeliner upwards from the outer corner. You can use white, silver or beige color eye shadow to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes. So that your eyes look bigger, on the lower lash line, use light color eyeshadows. You can also sweep two coats of mascara on both lashes.

If you know more ways to get beautiful eyes, you can share with us in the comments below.