8 Best Things From The Future That We Would Like To Have Right Now


Future gadgets-The lot of fantastic ideas which we would dream in our past have created recently. Some of such things are still a prototype and some of which are ready and available for the use. We have also read about many latest developments of cool designs from the world like a robot babysitter and a glass which can turn the water into any drink when you pour water in the cup. One more thing is there is a computer mouse which is in an unusual shape and many more inventions we have found from this world.

We at this article offer you to have a look at some new inventions with a fantastic design which will make you fit this in your mind that the future is already here in front of you.

Smart bed

8 Best future gadgets that everyone would love to have

It is an incredible bed which can track your health during you are sleeping. It can also change the shape of a mattress according to your body position. It will not lead you to wake up from your sleep before time. It will make you wake with its smart alarm during the right phase of the rest. You will feel fresh and relaxed every day when you wake up.

 Robot babysitter this is one of the best future gadgets

It is a cute device for babies. It is a robot babysitter who can quickly detect your baby’s cry and inform the parents about it. It helps to calm down your baby with stories and music.

Death star-shaped popcorn maker

It is a perfect thing, or you can say a gift for any fan of Star Wars. This thing does not destroy the planets like the death star. It looks like a death star but makes popcorn for you. The company has a lot of other inventions for you if you do not like popcorn. These inventions will the fans of Star Wars feel happy.

Cup cooler

It is a cup cooler which can cool your drinks around six times faster than the fridge and can keep your drinks cools at the desired temperature of the entire day. This cup cooler is compatible in size, and an aluminum can is attached to it. You can use standard-sized bottles and cans in it. You can also pour your liquid directly into the cup that gets connected to it.

Toilet paper stand also places books and magazines.

While sitting in the bathroom, we love using mobile phones, reading books and magazines and playing games on mobiles. Somehow we feel problem to keep our things in the bathroom. You can have a shelf in the toilet on which you can hold toilet paper rolls and your other stuff.

Beard trimmer

It is a trimmer for those men who like to keep their beard clean but do not get enough time to visit the barbershop. It is a very convenient trimmer for men. Men can trim the beard of any shape and length with this trimmer. It gets constructed in such a way that it will help you to avoid the mistakes that you do while shaving yourself.

A suitcase of your charger and other things

This suitcase is made up of waterproof material and is very light in weight. This suitcase has a place for your laptop, bathroom stuff, magazines, and clothes. It is small in size, but even then it allows you to keep many things and take it with you on the plane. This suitcase also includes a power bank in it for two devices which can charge your phones when its wheels run.

A cup that becomes water into any drink

Cocktails have finally conquered by virtual reality. Now in your real life, you can turn water into any drink. While the water which you pour in the cup does not change but you can even make a realistic-looking illusion of this transformation of wine.

It is only possible because of the electrodes in the cup that is responsible for changing the taste of the liquid and making the juice sweeter, saltier, or more bitter. The color of the drink gets changed by Diodes, and the smell gets influenced by a particular gas. In the result of which you enjoy your wine and other beverages.