8 Best Secrets From The Makeup Artist Which Will Turn Your Eyes Look Stand Out


Secrets from the makeup artist to get gorgeous eyes-Well, indeed, you do not require to be a makeup guru if you want to make your eyes turn bigger. But you will always want some expressive eyes which can convey everything that is going in your mind. To know some of the secrets can become a key to success if you want. Thus everyone would feel charmed with the attractive looks. Well, here we will express the views with the help of opinions from the most talented makeup artist, Lily. Here she is with us to share her thoughts with us.

Accent your eyebrows

8 secrets from the makeup artist to get gorgeous eyes

Let’s look at the secrets from the makeup artist to get gorgeous eyes. Always girls have one primary motto that would help you to focus on your eyebrows. It would help you even to accentuate the facial features or to improve the overall symmetry of the face. Your eyebrows would even help you to open up the area of the whole eye. Thus it would turn the shape of the face to be narrow or wide. The eyeshadows or pencils can highlight the right shape of the eyebrows. The eyebrow mascara would even help you to add up the volume to the eyebrows. Also, in the whole process eyebrow gel will help you to maintain the right part of it.

Apply the white eyeliner pencil to the waterline

You would even want to turn your eyes to be a lot fresh and to be bright. Thus we would always let you go for the white eyeliner pencil and also go with the liquid eyeliner to apply to the waterline. The light shades could be the ivory, and the pearl colors could be even better in that case.

Well, everyone dream to have the arrow look to their eyes. Thus, you would require to check it to draw with the help of the dotted lines first. If you once feel satisfied with the look, then it is the right time you can connect the dots. If the dots were large, the arrow would be even thicker in the same case.

Use the highlighter

Your next dream would be to keep your eyes brighten which would shine to give different looks at the all-time. Now go with to apply to the brow bone. You can even go with the inner corner of the eye, and also to the center of the eyelid.

Curl the eyelashes

Well, many of us like the curly eyelashes or they would even want to go with the straight or the plastic ones. You can go with using the eyelash curler. You need to use the eyelash curler before you applying anything to it. First, you need to go with the base of the curls. You can now go with the products that you want to use. First, you need to go with the placing of the wand at the roots of the lashes to move it up. The false eyelashes can enhance the look of your eyes.

Go with the beige eyeshadows.

If you want to have the perfect eyeshadow shade, then go with the light-brown palette without any other expectations. Go with the applying of the light shadow to the eyelid. You can make the color to appear dark in the outer corner, and now again you can go with the bright color coat once again. Go it with the crease. It would even help you to accentuate the structured shape of the eyes.

Try to put attention to darken the lash line

Go with the darkening of the lash line which would help to stand out your eyes. You can go up to blend the dark shade until you cannot see the long hard line in between the light shade and the dark one.

Blue shadow will help in brightening the eye

The blue color is the best suitable for women who have blue, brown, or green eyes. It will turn your eyes to be very expressive and thus deeper ones.

Never feel afraid for going with the colors

You can go with the different shades of the eyeshadow which would add the accent looks and thus to apply it over the eyelid. You can go with the color which matches your iris.