5 Challenging Stereotypes Of Gender That Will Never Make Us Happy


Gender stereotypes-A woman is not only meant to work in the kitchen. Women can also work in a company like men. It is not that only men have to pay for dinner at a restaurant. According to many scientific studies, there is no difference between males and females on behalf of emotional perception and intelligence. The explanation of the right man and a real woman differs from person to person. These differences between males and females take place due to gender stereotypes. If these stereotypes create problems in your lives, then we need to change their thinking.

In this article, I will talk about some gender stereotypes which create a lot of problems and arguments in our lives.

Gender stereotype 1: Boys should be firm and brave; on the other hand, girls need to be kind and beautiful.

Children do not know how to behave according to their gender, but adults teach them immediately. Boys are taught not to cry like girls. They should feel shame if they cry. Adults use numbers while talking to the boys and they use appearance for the girls.

According to Brown, there should be three types of toys with any child. One toy is of intelligence, one of the body, and one of the emotions. Children become intelligent through puzzles and some physical activities. Children become kind and caring by playing with dolls and soft toys.

Your son should play with the strollers and plates. Girls should play with toy cars. You should teach your son to cook and your daughter to use tools.

One of the common gender stereotypes 2: Men should pay at a restaurant for meals.

It is not right that men always need to pay for women at the restaurant. There is a romantic gesture between the couple. According to stereotype, in our society men only pay for dinner at a restaurant. Dating includes flowers for women, opening doors for the lady. It all means that man is interested in a woman and woman also feel respected. She thinks that her man takes her opinion seriously.

In a balanced relationship, the man should offer to her woman and woman should refuse. Both should give each other presents.  A woman should ask for help when she needs it, and the man should always be ready for help.

Gender stereotype 3: Men show interest in several women and women should be okay with it.

Men have an interest in many women. There are more chances that they can cheat more often than women. Women are too polygamous because they love other men before their marriage. So it’s not that men are polygamous.

There can be many reasons that men and women stay away from each other. Some want to break up; that’s why they cheat each other. On the other hand, if they do not want to break up, they live away from each other.

Gender stereotype 4: Women cannot manage well like men.

According to many employers, women cannot manage well in companies. They can rarely get a leadership job. There is an invisible barrier in their lives which limits the growth of their career. There may be many reasons that they have nothing to do with professional skills.

According to stereotype, men earn more salary than women for the same job. These salary differences take place due to the personality traits of them not because of their gender.

Gender stereotype 5: Men do not cry.

According to one of these gender stereotypes, men do not cry. They only show anger, sadness, and suppress fear but do not cry like women. Men hide their emotions. They never react in their hard time. Their life becomes much harder according to this stereotype.

According to Emma Watson, the idea that men do not cry wrong. It is terrible that they cannot show their hard time, emotions, and what they feel they can not express. If you show your feelings, it does not mean that you are weak. Men also have the heart in the chest; they also have emotions which need to express.