7 Unexpected Things To Breakup Our Psyche


Unexpected things that harm your mental health-Scientists say that there are around 30% of the population in the world who suffer from various phobias and anxiety disorders which is a massive problem for them. A person’s psyche can even be negatively affected by the things he faces daily. For example, the house cats carry parasites which can cause panic attacks, and athletic activities can help in stimulating the production of stress hormones.

You will like to see some unexpected things in this article which can harm your mental health. I want you to exclude these things from your life so that you can live happy and carefree.


7 Unexpected things that harm your mental health

The cats carry out toxoplasmosis parasite with them. People can get infection faster who love cats and do not wash their hands. This parasite increases the risk of depression and bipolar disorder.


You should vaccinate your pets to protect yourself from such an infection.


Your nervous system can get worsed with intense activities because of the hormones. The release of cortisol and adrenaline get stimulate with the exhausting training. Due to which you feel difficult at sleep after the workout. Your nervous system can suffer a lot with the extra intense physical exercises.


You should be physically prepared for physical activities. The level of stress hormones can get decrease by the moderate athletic activities which improve your mood.


People who cut off themselves from the entire world by using headphones and music are more prone to depression. Psychologists could not find the main reason behind it. They are not sure whether people feel depressed due to listening to more music or not. But even then they observe it valuable that their observation helps them to identify the people that are prone to depression.

A vegetarian diet is one of the unexpected things that harm your mental health

There are more chances of depression, anxiety, bulimia, and hypochondria with the vegetarian diet according to the researchers of Germany. There is a lack of essential vitamins, fatty acids in the vegetarian menu which is necessary for our body. These vitamins and fatty acids are present in the foods of animal origin.


Take a balanced diet daily. You can significantly decrease anxiety with the consumption of fish.

Internet and e-mails

You can feel anxiety by continually checking your text messages and an e-mail box. This anxiety can be the signal of depression. Users may feel depressed by the massive flow of information. According to the research studies, around 30% of youngsters feel various symptoms of depression.


According to psychologists, you can treat depression through face-to-face communication. Try to not to use more gadgets. You will feel calm very sooner.


Psychological health can get harmed because of excessive optimism. It is also known by a scientific name that is toxic optimism. It takes place when while working or taking care of anything, we wait for them to be OK by itself. Sometimes the expectations do not come true which leads to psychological discomfort and frustration at the end which leads to depression.


You have to take care of all possible outcomes of the events and make some efforts to make them correct. You can not merely sit by not doing anything.


Dehydration puts its adverse effect on your mood. Your thinking abilities are even negatively affected. If you feel thirsty, it does not mean that your body suffers from dehydration. People who do not want t drink water are dehydrated.

The little loss of moisture can lead to absent-mindedness and anxiety. The person feels inattentiveness. According to the results of the test, women are more sensitive to dehydration.


You should drink more than 2 liters of water daily to live a good well-being life.

Small salary

The decrease in salary or fewer wages can become the biggest reason for depression. Some people can even attempt to commit suicide. American scientists have concluded it after observing several families for about three years. Someone’s satisfaction can get decreased if salary drops down. The person may not be satisfied with his life. He wished to use psychoactive substances.