The 5 Most Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin


Get Rid Of A Double Chin-The role of fatty flesh below a person’s chin is known as double chin and mostly it is associated with weight gain but it does not mean that you are overweight sometimes due to some reasons the fat around our chin area increases and it does not look good on anybody. Here is some exercise that can help you out dealing with a double chin as these face exercises specifically reduce the fat around our chin area.

Exercises To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Warming up the muscle

Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Before starting the exercise make sure that you have warmed up your facial muscles and for this move your lower jaw outward and then return to its original position. Do this exercise from 9-10 times.

1. The scoop

In this exercise move your lips inside your mouth from over the bottom teeth and under the upper teeth and keep your lips inside and then close your mouth. While performing this exercise keep your lips relaxed and repeat it 8 times.


2. Touch your nose

for this exercise move your tongue out of your mouth and try to reach for the nose with the tongue(tip of your tongue) and put your hands (back side of your palms below your chin and while doing this keep your lips relaxed and perform this exercise 5 times.


3. The perfect oval face

This exercise will strain your jaw muscles and pull your cheeks and reduce the chubby cheeks of yours. Start this exercise by turning your head to a side and move your jaw slightly forward and then come back to the original position. Then turn to the other side and do the same process. Perform this exercise 5 times


4. “Kiss the giraffe”

You can imagine like you are trying to kiss the ceiling. Turn your face upward and look at the ceiling and pucker your lips like you are going to kiss. This will stretch your neck muscles and remove the excess fat present in this area. After moving the face towards the ceiling and hold it there for 8 seconds and repeat it for 5 times to get rid of a double chin.

5. Resistance

for this exercise take both of your hands and turn them into fists and place your fist under your chin and then put slight pressure on your fist by lowering down the jaw and in this way you can overcome the resistance. Keep increasing the pressure and hold it there for 3 seconds. Perform this exercise 7 times.