You may need the services of a professional translation company for a number of reasons. It may be to bridge the communication gap with a foreign client, have sensitive documents translated, or simply understand things in a foreign country better. A translation company offers translation services in various languages to cater to translation needs of varying levels and natures.

You’ll come across numerous translation companies, but not all of them are reliable. Since you won’t know if the translation job is well done or not because obviously, there’s no way you can know, you won’t know the job was done poorly until it’s too late and the damage has been done.

For starters, you shouldn’t hire the first translation company you come across, no matter how attractive (or cheap) their rates are. Since your choice of the translation company will affect the quality of translation in communication or documentation, a lot is at stake.

Read this blog post to know which things you should evaluate before choosing a professional translation company in London.


Cost is one of the most important factors that you must consider when hiring a professional translation company. Whether you’re hiring a translation company for your personal needs or for business needs, you should have a clear budget in your mind. Do your research, shortlist multiple companies, and choose the one that falls within your budget.

Some factors that affect the cost include service charges, cost of translation and proofreading, project management time, and cost of using any software or license services that are required to get your work done.

Suppose you come across any company that offers competitive market prices, dig into details about it.

Ask the company why its prices are lower or higher than the market average. In this way, you will be confident that if a company is offering low prices, they aren’t compromising on quality, customer service, or security. And, if a company charges higher, then ensure you are getting maximum value for money.

A trustworthy and professional translation company will happily answer all your questions that you might have before opting for their services.

Expertise in an Industry

Another significant factor to put into consideration is to evaluate the expertise of a professional translation company. Certain professional companies hold expertise in specific areas such as market research, legal documents, digital marketing, etc.

You need to select a company with expertise in your industry. When you choose the right company, you will be confident that the company understands your subject matter. A professional company makes its expert areas clear on the website, which sectors they provide translation services for, members of the association in the industry, or their awards on board.

Another way for a professional company is to look for professional accreditations. These display-quality and security assurance means your document is protected. A company that deals with strict policies regarding quality and security are one you should consider hiring.

Qualified and Skilled Professionals

A professional translation company will always have qualified language professionals for their translations.

Also, while using native language linguists is essential, it doesn’t make you an expert. A company that claims to offer high-quality professional services uses linguists that are native or a native equivalent standard should also have related qualifications.

Customer Service

Customer service is unarguably as important as any other factor listed above. A professional translation company will have managers on board that are friendly, helpful, and good at communication. They acquire good communication skills and know their work.

They offer good customer service with a fast and timely response. Plus, regular updates about how your project is going along.

Flexibility is another key since unforeseen circumstances can occur anytime that alter timelines to tighten the required deadline.

Project managers need to be understanding and should be willing to be flexible with their requirements, making sure clients’ needs are met. However, this doesn’t mean that they are robots or magicians that cater to your request all the time. It is up to the manager to be proactive, inform clients if there is an issue with the project, and offer timely and potential clients.

Range of Services

The final factor to put into consideration deals with the range of services and language combinations offered at the professional translation company. Some companies provide a range of services in one language, while others provide multiple languages, catering to service only.

If you have multiple projects or need translation services now and then, you are suggested to get a company that offers numerous services in various languages. The additional benefits include interpretation and transcription.

Of course, there are many other factors too that you might want to consider. But, if a company ticks all the boxes listed above, then you are almost there. Spend time researching and shortlisting reliable translation companies today and rest assured that the job will be done well tomorrow!