5 Tips for Lining Your Lips Like A Pro


Lining your lips-Every woman wants pink, pouty and fuller lips but unfortunately, not everyone is born with desired features and that is why some makeup products that can help us in creating an illusion on the desired feature which also includes pouty and fuller lips. Here are some tips for the proper application of lipstick that can be a boon for a woman having thin lips.

Tips for lining your lips

Pouty red

Lining your lips

Lining your lips-If you are the one who loves pouty lips then this way will be helpful in applying the correct way of applying lipstick and make them look pouty. In this method, you will need a lip liner and lipstick, use a lip liner to make a criss-cross pattern on the lips and then you may fill the space using either the lip liner or the lipstick.

Lips contouring

Contouring is beneficial in making your lips look puffier and specifically when you are using dark lipstick. first of all, use the contour and apply it all over your lips and then it is a turn of the lip liner use a lip liner to outline the shape of the lips and you may fill the inner space with the lip liner or you may use a dark lipstick to look more elegant.

A voluminous lip illusion

Lip products have always been helpful in creating the illusion of fuller and pouty lips. Not everybody is born with beautiful and fuller lips so here are a way to make your thin lips look fuller outline your lips with contour or use it on the full lips. Use your fingers to spread it evenly and then apply lipstick over those areas where you have applied contour.

Spring beauty: bold matte lip tutorial

Matte lips are considered to be one of the sensual looking lipsticks. For this, you will need contour, a makeup brush, lipstick and tissue paper. You may apply a lip primer before applying any lipstick on it. After conditioning, use a lip liner to outline to your lips and then fill the rest of the space using lipstick. Use the tissue paper to remove the excess amount of primer using the makeup brush.

attractive lips tutorial

Lip liners are helpful in bringing out the most sensual and beautiful feature of your face that is your lips but there is a specific manner of applying lip liner on your lips that can make the task much easier. Apply lip liner of the desired shade on the top and middle part of the lips that is your lip philtrum and then apply the rest portion of the top. Now apply the lip liner on the middle part of a bottom portion the lips and then outline the rest of the area.