Everyone knows about this famous pair Justin & Selena and the journey of their relationship. And now after the recent breakup of Selena with his ex-boyfriend The weekend it is clear that there is something between them which makes us believe that these two are back together as they are often seen hanging out together even when Selena was Weekend’s girlfriend. Recently what puzzled their followers is after Justin liked and then unliked an image of Selena which was uploaded to her Instagram account from the AMAs.


This was not just one case where the fans were strayed there was another similar instance in which the fans were expecting Bieber to be present in front during Selena’s performance of Wolves, he instead hit up a Fall Out Boy concert in Los Angeles with pal and one-time collaborator, Jaden Smith. These instances somewhere show that these two just want to keep their relationship on DL. But the question arises why would they want to do so and that too with their fans? The possible answer could be to maintain their privacy and avoid useless rumors because we all know what ups and downs they have faced.

I guess it’s time to move on with this hot gossip maybe considering the fact that they have much more complications in their personal life as we can see that Selena has unfollowed her ex-boyfriend, The Weekend from her official Instagram account but he still follows her even after their break up whereas both Justin and Selena being in a relationship, still don’t follow each other’s official accounts!!