Best NFL Prop Bets For 2021 Season

Betting on the NFL player’s prop bets before the season is one of football’s most fun and profitable wagers.

It’s all about knowing the teams and choosing one or several players that will surpass the expectations for the season. Or, on the contrary, a player who will be a disappointment.

Either way, there are many chances to make money with the NFL prop bets in the 2021 season.

NFL Prop Bets Highlights

I always suggest betting only on Safest Betting Sites when the NFL season starts. It’s important to choose a trustworthy sportsbook.

But before placing a bet, you need to know every detail of the prop bets, such as:

What are NFL prop bets?

NFL proposition bets are wagers offered by sportsbooks that involve predicting the outcome of a specified event not related to the final score. These bets are typically more exciting than traditional wagers because there is a greater chance of variability.

In this case, these prop bets will try to guess the individual season of the main NFL players. For example, how many yards and touchdowns a player will get during the 2021 season.

How do they work?

The linemakers in the sportsbooks will set a number they think goes according to the season a player might have. Then any sportsbook will take bets on whether the players will go over or under the number the oddsmakers give.

For example, let say the odds-on Matt Ryan passing yards in 2021 is 4500.5. You can bet Ryan will throw over or under 4500 yards. Each side of the bet might have a different price.

At the end of the season, you will know if Ryan reached the 4500 passing yards, and you can collect the winnings if you selected the right side.

Where can I find prop bets?

Every online sportsbook will set up prop bets before and during the NFL season. What you need to do is select a trusted sportsbook.

Avoid any betting site with a bad reputation and play only in those that will allow you to have a good time. These trustworthy sportsbooks have been around for a long time, and they are the real deal. I will enlist some of them below in this article.

6 Player Prop Betting Picks For 2021

DE JJ Watt Under 7.5 Sacks (-105)

JJ Watt is now in Arizona after ten seasons with the Houston Texans. Watt is the only player in NFL history that has recorded 20.5 sacks in two different seasons. The problem is that both were back in 2012 and 2014. It has been a while.

Watt recorded 16.0 in 2018, but his total was 9.0 sacks combined over the last two seasons.

JJ Watt is more of a recognized name than a player that will record sacks all over the place in Arizona. Don’t get me wrong; he will benefit from having DE Chandler Jones on the other side, but reaching eight or more sacks is a thing of the past for Watt.

TE Kyle Pitts Over 825.5 receiving yards (-105)

Draft analysts say TE Kyle Pitts is a unicorn. He is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of player, and QB Matt Ryan will find out if all is true.

Pitts doesn’t look like a tight end. He’s fast as a wide receiver, but his hands and ability to get separation will be a nightmare for defenses.

We have seen tight ends like Travis Kelce and George Kittle get over 1000 receiving yards with consistency. If Kyle Pitts is as good as advertised, he shouldn’t have problems reaching 826 yards or more.

QB Josh Allen Over 4500.5 Passing Yards (-115)

Last season Josh Allen reached 4544 passing yards in 16 games and was second in the MVP voting behind Aaron Rodgers.

Allen took a significant step forward last season. But the 2021 season should be the one to give him validation before he asks for a new contract.

I can’t see Josh Allen taking a step back soon. If anything, their offense should be even better in 2021. Add to it that every team will have one more game this year, and reaching over 4500 passing yards should be a no-brainer prop bet.

RB Joe Mixon Over 5.5 Rushing touchdowns (-135)

If there is any year where RB Joe Mixon needs to show his value is 2021. Mixon has been disappointing since he arrived in the NFL, but this year he doesn’t have to share carries.

The Bengals can’t rely on second-year QB Joe Burrow to do everything, especially when Burrow comes off a nasty knee injury.

In the red zone, I expect Cincinnati to give Joe Mixon the ball more often than none. Mixon should get between eight to ten touchdowns this season.

QB Aaron Rodgers Under 6.5 Interceptions (-115)

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t thrown over six interceptions since 2016. In the last four years, he has averaged 4.2 interceptions per season. Last year he threw five, two of them in the same game against the Buccaneers.

There isn’t a player in the NFL who takes care of the football better than Rodgers. Head coach Matt LaFleur made the Packers’ offense a play-action-packed system. He established the run game first and then passed. This makes Rodgers’ job easier.

There is no reason to think Aaron Rodgers will go crazy throwing interceptions in 2021.

QB Patrick Mahomes Over 40.5 TD Passes (-115)

Since entering the league, Patrick Mahomes has thrown an average of 38.0 touchdowns per year. In the last two seasons, he hasn’t played the full 16 games slate. Now in 2021, he will have 17 games to reach 40.5 TDs.

The Chiefs’ offense won’t skip a beat. They have been the best in the last three seasons, and with a new offensive line, Mahomes’ TD passes should skyrocket.

Top NFL Betting Sites

I promised you a few sports betting sites to place your favorite NFL prop bets, and I cannot leave without mentioning some.

BetUS has an extensive list of NFL prop bets, including yards, touchdowns, interceptions, sacks, and any stat you can imagine. They also have a 125% sign-up bonus for new players, so check them out.

BetOnline is the prop bet king site. They are giving new players a $1,000 welcome bonus alongside several contests for the NFL season.

And last, MyBookie has a 50% welcome bonus for players depositing for the first time. MB also will have contests and a ton of prop bets during the season.

Final Thoughts

NFL prop bets are both fun and a great way to make money during the football season. The examples I gave you are just a fraction of the action you can get betting on the NFL.

Just remember to select a trustworthy sportsbook, and after you deposited, you will be ready to win betting on the NFL.