6 Summer Makeup Trends That Will Shine in 2018


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This post is going to be all about the many makeup and beauty trends to look forward in the coming summer. The transformation from winter to summer season brings about a lot of changes in our dressing styles and makeup methods. So, scroll through to find out more about hairstyles to skincare trends to rave it up this summer.

6 Summer Makeup Trends That Will Be Big in 2017

Let’s go through these summer 2018 trends which are bound to make an impact. This will help you get an all-around look at everything if you’re looking forward to trying these amazing trends.

1. Glossy pink lips:

Summertime glows with pink, coral, orange, and berry lipsticks to wear. These amazing range of colors are to be featured in Vogue this summer and somehow, glossy lips are making a well-earned comeback as well. While matte and liquid lipsticks have been reigning the makeup world for a while, glossy and moisturizing lipsticks are set to make a wonderful comeback.


2.  Bronzer infused moisturizer:  

This summer is about to be filled with glowing, radiant, and dewy skin. A bronzed look makes every skin appear healthy and naturally radiant to flaunt out. Leg makeups have been a great trend as well which go perfectly with short dresses. To give you that illuminated and bronzed look, all you have to do is just mix a little bit of liquid bronzer or even some foundation that’s two shades darker than your actual skin tone and then apply it over your arms and legs, and stand out with those amazing bronzed look.

3. Bright, electric eyes:

Summer is the best season to wear out bright and vibrant colors like electric blue, sea blue, forest green, violet, and more. So, instead of wearing the same of start and classic black liquid liner, take a fun twist and try these fun colors. You can choose to go for a pen liquid liner or a gel liner to add some depth to the dazzling look without fretting.


4.  ‘No makeup’ makeup:

The ‘no-make’ look has been creating a lot of buzz lately and there’s nothing as refreshing as that look in summer. You can go for a fresh and dewy base by simply using a BB cream or CC cream and use concealer on a few spots as required. Top it off with mascara on your lashes and combine it with some glossy pink lips with some blushed cheeks.

5.  Illuminating blush:

This summer, it might be time for you to cut down on the number of cheek products you apply. The combination of a blush, bronzer, and highlighter can get heavy at times. Instead, to get the effect of these products, you can just use an illuminating blush. You can go for a baked blush which will add the perfect amount of both colors and gives you a mesmerizing summer look.

Illuminating blush

6.  Minimal eyeshadow:

Keeping in terms with the minimalist trend this summer, refrain from using multiple eyeshadows looks. Try adding some depth and definition to your eyes by using a single pot of cream eyeshadow in a muted bronze brown shade. This gives you the look of the multiple eyeshadows, giving you a decent but elegant look.