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This is an article for you to instantly whiten your hands since it’s the first thing anyone notices, right? Well, your hands can say a lot about you so it makes sense to keep them properly groomed, neat and clean. Here you can find some simple and amazing tips and tricks to keep a fresh and clean looking set of hands.

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1. Raw Potato Slices:

Raw potato juice

Potato juice has natural bleaching properties, which is a skin bleaching agent. It is rich in Catecholase, it can brighten up your hair and skin when used on a regular basis. You can grate a few potatoes and rub it on your hands, and remember to repeat this process at least twice a week to get desired results.

2. Dried Orange Peel Scrub:

Orange, half of orange,Oranges on the wooden table on the green blurred background

Orange peel is rich in Vitamin C and it can help brighten your skin in an instant. It contains anti-oxidants which keep away free radicals and keeps signs of aging at bay.

3. Almond Paste:

You can soak some almonds overnight in milk and grind them up to make a thick paste in the morning. Apply this combination on your hands and let it be for about 20 minutes and helps nourish your skin, making it smooth and silky as ever.

4. Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves give a great cooling effect and they help to get rid of blackheads, pimples. It helps to make your skin brighter by nourishing it. Apply a paste of mint leaves with some rose water over your hands and keep them up for 20 minutes to get the desired effect. And they also help in treating different types of allergies related to skin.

5. Lemon Juice:

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

We all know lemons are a great source of vitamin C and that it helps brighten up your skin. And if used on a regular basis, it can do wonders. Just cut up a lemon and apply it to your hands and let it be for about 5 minutes. If it gives you any side effects then mix it with some oatmeal.

6. Soaking Hands in Milk:

Milk has lactic acid in it which heals dry and chapped skin, reduces tanning effect, relieves sunburn. Just soak your hands directly in some milk and let it be for 15 minutes. Or you can use some cotton and dab them on your hands with the milk.

7. Sandalwood Powder and Tomato Juice Pack:

Sandalwood has many natural properties. It helps to get rid of pimples, acne, rashes, and revives the glow of the skin. And tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which have many skin benefits as well. Mix them together to remove the dull upper skin and make your hands appear better in no time.

8. Gram Flour and Yogurt Pack:

Chick Pea flour in a wooden bowl and scoop

Gram flour can be essential in removing tanning effect, it helps to brighten up the skin by working as a scrub. Yogurt improves skin elasticity, fights against free radicals, and improves collagen formation. Make a paste and apply it to your hands and scrub them to get clear and fresh hands.

9. Honey, Milk and Turmeric Mix:

Since forever, turmeric is known for its brightening properties. It can improve the skin complexion, but it leaves a yellow stain behind. So to prevent the stain, make sure to use milk with it to form a paste, add some honey as a moisturizer. Use this paste to get clean, fresh, and amazing looking hands.

10. Borax Powder, Rose Water and Glycerin:

Perfumed Rose Water

Borax powder cleanses your skin from within and glycerin is a great moisturizer. Rose water aids in keeping your skin radiant and fresh. To help brighten your hands, combine 2 spoons of borax powder with about 2 spoons of glycerin and some rose water to make a smooth paste and then clean it off after a while.

11. Book an Appointment for De-Tan Session at Salon:

For an instant relief, you can just book an appointment at your favorite salon for a quick de-tan session or to treat your sunburns. This will provide you a chance to just relax and enjoy the rejuvenation time. And you can achieve a fresh looking set of hands in no time.