7 Best Car Hacks That Are Worth Knowing From Experienced Car Drivers


Best car hacks-Well, according to the studies it was out that on an average car you have to spend around $8469 per year for its maintenance. We think that it is entirely that it is a significant amount of money. But we want to ask if you have any idea to reduce the total of the money or not. But here it does not mean that we will suggest you use public transport because it is not that convenient. Here we will tell you some cool car hacks.

We are for sure that these tips will help you save a bit of extra money that you spend. But always be sure that you are using them wisely, and here we are with an easy test for you.

Ways to remove the dent from your car without spending money.

7 Best Car Hacks That Are Worth Knowing From Experienced Car Drivers

Best car hacks to remove the dent from your car. It turns annoying mood after you find a dent on your car. It is because your car is soon going to turn your pocket money down. If you feel sad about it, then I believe you do not the trick of hot water and the plunger. The method of using hot water can help in the removal of a ding in the car for free of cost.

Make the dent flexible by pouring some water on it. Now take the plunger and pull up the cut until it pops out.

Trick to remove the small glass shards

Well, it is for the broken glass of the car. If the lens has broken, then the small shards located on the carpet may prove to be harmful to you. In such cases, using a vacuum cleaner might not determine to be effective, and hence you must use tape to pick those small pieces. Now, these little pieces will not harm you.

Way to prevent your car against the door dings from the parking in garage neighbor

Well, you might not be sure that your neighbor would be careful regarding your car or not or the neighbors have kids then you can use pool noodles to prevent your vehicle. You might even feel afraid to leave the windows of the car open then you can hang them from the garage roof of the roof racks of the vehicle.

Trick to remember the side on which fuel tank was on

It acts as the small tip for the people who forget that which side of the fuel in on. Most of the cars till now seen, have an arrow on the gas gauge, and it will point on the hand on which fuel tank locates. And hence now you can check by yourself in the cars and stop getting confused at the gas stations.

Ways to pour oil in the car if the funnel is absent from you.

Well, there might be the case you would require to pour oil into your car, but your funnel is absent then you can use a screwdriver instead. If you do not have the screwdriver, then you can replace it with the paper instead. You know to roll the article in the form of a funnel.

The trick to clean headlights at home

Over the passing time, the plastic of the car headlights might get cloudy. But don’t worry because a little toothpaste can help you get rid of blurred lights in no time with a bit of effort. For the trick, you need to rub the toothpaste on the headlights by placing it on the cloth or your hand. Now take a paper towel to further massage the paste into the lights in the circular motion. Now after leaving it for fifteen minutes use a wet cloth to remove the dough.

Ways to increase the remote range of your car

Well, have you ever heard about the stupid idea which says if you touch your chin with the car remote then it will increase the range of the car remote? But the fact works well. It is because there was a proper study in which scientist conducted a test. The test was to check the maximum normal range and the maximum range with the chin boost.