7 Best Ways To Turn Your Hair Smooth As Silk


How to get smooth hair? As you find in the commercials, is it possible for you to make your hair appear shiny and silky? I think you can achieve the goal, but for that, you need to follow some hair care routines. We are here with some of the effective methods to increase the growth and productivity of hair. Always be careful if the matter is about your hair. And we will today complete your dreams to attaining strong, shiny, and silky hair. I hope you will follow the routines that we are here to present in front of you.

Refuse using a towel

7 Best Ways To Turn Your Hair Smooth As Silk

Well, I know you must have listened to your mother asking you not to comb your hair right after you wash them. It is because dressing right after washing will damage the scales and make your hair appear brittle and fluffy after they get dry.

The same happens when you use a terry cloth towel, and hence you must use the fabric that is the excellent absorbent of the moisture. But also it must have a smooth structure. The best option is to use an ordinary cotton T-shirt.

Use good hair products.

7 Best Ways To Turn Your Hair Smooth As Silk

The hair balm is best for promoting the closing of the hair shaft. The mask will help in providing nourishment to the hair. The best way is when you will pay attention to the composition of the products. These following oils will help your hair to become smooth.

The best to restore the damaged hair is jojoba oil. The coconut oil helps in providing the nourishment and shine to your hair. Rosemary oil helps in hair growth, and ylang-ylang oil provides the smoothing effects.

Comb your hair after applying essential oils before going to bed.

Well, if you will perform the procedure regularly, then it will help you significantly attain the hair that you want. It will assist in increasing the way your hair looks. You need to apply a small amount of oil to the comb with fewer gaps between the comb and the teeth and comb for several minutes. You need to pay attention to the hair type you possess. One drop of oil is enough for oily hair and three drops for dry hair. Essential oils include bergamot, lemon, and vervain oil. It is the perfect choice for dry and healthy hair.

Follow specific steps while using the hair dryer.

These following steps will help you retain beautiful and healthy hair. Do not use the hair dryer on the wet hair. It is because if in your hair there are water droplets then by drying them, it will lead in breaking the structure of your hair. Work on your hair for drying by diving it into different hair zones and then work on each of them one by one. Put the stream of air from top to bottom so that the shaft of the hair will become smooth.

Use the right comb.

The wooden hair comb is the best option to get smooth hair. It will comb your hair by quickly electrifying it and will not even damage its structure. Also, the recent invention of silicon combs gives the same effect. Use the comb with less gap in the teeth because it will provide the best distribution of hair mask and oil. Brushes are best for styling and preventing the hair to get tangled.

Provide oil hair wraps.

The cold and hot hair wraps are the best procedures used in the salons. But you can even perform them at your home. The hot masks are effective ones. You need the following steps at home. You need to apply the warm oil mixture to the hair and cover it with the warm towel and one polyethylene cap over it. Leave the mixture for around thirty to sixty minutes and later wash it off with the shampoo.

Ways to protect your hair in summer and winter.

The cold and hot weather is best for determining the structure of hair, and it is why you must protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun in the summer season. You can provide the thermal protection to your hair instead of using the caps during summers.