7 Best Tricks To Apply Makeup In One Go


Makeup tricks-Well, when it comes to doing perfect makeup, then only one thing happens in our mind, and that is a lot of products. We also think that we need to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Well, for the new ideas to admire many girls like to draw new things like hashtags on the eyelids. And in this case, a fork can help you the most. Using fork may sound weird to you. But it is true. Here are some eye-catching ways to look perfect.

We are here with some of the life hacks for perfect makeup, and we are eager to share them along with you.

A fork can give you perfect contour.

7 best makeup tricks

Well, I know that not many of us have listened to the fact the simple fork can do a lot of magic in case of makeup. If you want a dark contour on the sides of your nose or for your eyebrows, then fork can help you the most. It will give perfect cat eyes that you always wish for it. You will love it.

Trying hashtag for the eye makeup

On the corner of your eyelid, you can plan to draw a little hashtag. After that, you need to blend it very firmly. It would give you a light color in one go. But if you want a deep and dark color then go for one more hashtag to blend on the same area. As you admire in the above picture, you need to follow the same steps.

Makeup tricks for eye makeup by using a spoon

Well, I believe kitchen utensils have many uses, and you will love them all to use differently and uniquely every day. Makeup using spoon gives you the perfect shape. Now your brush will not move from right to the wrong side but gives you a classic shape with the cleaned skin. Cover your eye with the spoon in a way such that it is easy to apply mascara. Also, it can also create the perfect cut creases when you plan to implement the eyeshadow.

The hairdryer will help to keep lashes to stay curled for a long time.

Now it is a big problem that most of the girls face. After applying full makeup now, it is a must to use the hairdryer to let your eyelashes stay in an upward direction. When you heat your lashes with dryer, then it would last for a long time and then turn you look gorgeous.

Lipgloss helps you give the strobing effects to the lips.

Well, if you take the advice of the makeup artist, then they will always recommend you to use the lipgloss for your lips on the cupid bow and also on the lower right part of the lips. It would give you the strobing effect. It would help to turn the daily makeup into the perfect night out makeup in a few seconds.

Baby powder will help to grow thick eyelashes

Everyone wants perfect and thick eyelashes without even using them in a way. But here we are going to tell you the trick for the same. Just after you apply mascara to your eyelashes, use the baby powder over it. Now apply the second coat of the mascara on it. And with this, it will help to achieve your aim. You can even prefer to go for more if you want more effects of it.

To get a thick and smudgy line on the eyelids in a few seconds.

The line of the pencil to apply on the eyelids might not be that thick. But you can quickly fix for the same. A match and the lighter can help you in the case. After heating the nib of the pencil for one second let it cool down for the next fifteen seconds. Now it is perfect to apply. With that, you will get the thicker and great shape of the liner. But always be sure that you are not using the hot pencil on the lids. You must let it cool first.