11 Best Makeup Tricks That You Would Consider Insane At The First Sight


Best makeup hacks-You do not need to spend a lot of money and time to look beautiful and attractive. There are a lot of tricks by which you can look beautiful without spending a lot of money and time rather you can spend that time with your family.

We have brought the best makeup hacks from beauty bloggers for you by which you can look attractive.

The way to put lipstick on the corners of your lips

11 Best Makeup Hacks That You Would Consider Insane At The First Sight

You have to hold a cotton bud in between your teeth to prevent smudging of lipstick in the edges of your teeth.

How to remove water-resistant mascara easily

11 Best Makeup Hacks That You Would Consider Insane At The First Sight

As we know, it is complicated to remove water-resistant mascara. So you should use this one of the makeup hacks if you are scared of using regular mascara. The first way is to put mascara on and before it is dry and on top put two layers of water-resistant mascara. In this way, you will look more attractive, and it will be easier to remove it later on.

Making your lips ombre

For this, you will require a cotton bud, concealer, and a tissue. Use concealer on your lips with a cotton bud to get ombre effect.

The way to quickly  wash makeup brushes

It is recommended that you should remove the makeup brushes after every use. You will need liquid soap with water and a small sifter.

The way to deal with less hair on eyebrow

You will love this hack if you have less hair on the eyebrow. You will only need fake eyelashes. Cut them singularly and mix with non-toxic glue. Using the brush attach them to your eyebrow. It will make your eyebrows more attractive, and you will look beautiful.

Check out the way to handle your favorite dried lipstick

Take some hot water and put the dried lipstick tube in hot water. The water should not be the boiling water. Keep the container in hot water for three minutes. The lipstick will no more be dried. You can put the lipstick from it, as usual, you do. In this way, you can treat your dried lipstick.

Put Smokey eyes makeup in just a fraction of seconds

You can put Smokey eyes makeup in only a fraction of seconds. To highlight the upper and lower eyelid use a pencil. Now rub the line made by a pen with your finger and put the mascara, as usual, you do by keeping the brush in the vertical position. By doing it in an upright position, the eyelashes get detached from each other and eyes look more beautiful and attractive. You would enjoy this result.

The way to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

You need a banana peel to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Tear of the peel into two pieces and put them on your eyes for one to two minutes. After doing this, the skin under your eyes will look fresher.

Using a cut brush, you can make a French manicure

For this, you need the nail polish brush that you use to put nail paint on your nails. Rub the brush to get the French manicure easily. To get the brush in the right shape cut it with the help of scissors. Now you can put on the nail polish on the brush to get the beautiful shape of nail polish on the tips of your nails.

The way to remove the nail polish with glitter

Though glitter looks fabulous on your nails, it is difficult to remove it. You can try this way to remove the glitter from your nails quickly. You have to soak the cotton ball in the nail polish remover and put it on your nails then wrap your pin with the tin foil. You have to wait for a minute, and you will see the nail polish has got removed.

One more way to make a French manicure

It is one more comfortable and cheap way to give your nails French manicure. Firstly, put on the foundation layer on your nails. When it gets dried, put the band-aid on the edges of your nails. Then put on one sheet of nail polish and after that remove the band-aid.