7 Best Anti-Aging Massage That Can Take Two Weeks To Tighten The Facial Muscles


Spoon massage-Our health and beauty depend upon the blood circulation in our body. The facial massage can help in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles because it improves the blood and lymph flow. It will also enhance your skin tone. Using the spoons, you can give this facial massage yourself. The facial massage using a spoon is very popular in Korea, Japan, and China. Nowadays, it is being used in different European countries.

There are many techniques for the spoon massage. We in this article have collected very effective methods of spoon massage for you. You will notice the changes in you after doing the massage daily for two weeks.

What you need is:

7 Best spoon massage you that can give younger skin

  • For the spoon massage, you should have small spoons and make sure that the spoons should not have sharp edges.
  • Take the face cream and oil for a message. Before a massage, apply cream or oil on your face. The cream is convenient than the fuel for massage.
  • You have to take both cold and warm water in the mugs. You can also add herbal concoction in the water. Dip the spoon in the cold and massage your face. And then do the same with warm water. Doing it alternately, it will improve blood circulation.

Some useful tips:

  • Wash your spoons properly and keep them separately.
  • Before the massage, clean your face.
  • For a better gliding, apply enough oil or cream.
  • You should not press your skin too hard to avoid vessel injuries.
  • The best time for doing spoon massage in the morning.

Reduce wrinkles between eyebrows


Treatment of wrinkles. You have to place the cold spoon on the upper part of your nose. While pressing the area move the spoon up to the upper part of the forehead. Do the same with the warm water spoon. Continue the process for ten times using both the spoons one by one.

Get rid of crow’s feet.

Take the cold spoon and place it on the outer corners of your eyes. Move the spoon towards the temples with the 5-7 circular motions while increasing the pressure with the movements. Do the same with a warm spoon. With alternating the spoons continue the massage five times.

Get rid of forehead wrinkles.

Take the warm spoon and place it in the middle of your forehead. Move the spoon towards the temples with the circular motions or stretching your skin with the spoons. And then return to the center of your forehead. When the spoons get cool down, then heat them again. You have to massage your skin for 2- minutes.

Reduce laugh lines

Slightly stretch your lips with opening your mouth. As it is shown in the photo, place the warm spoon under the nose. Move the spoon at the corners of the mouth with the circular motions. Get back to the initial position while doing it in a circular motion. Repeat the same for 5-7 times.

Get rid of a double chin.

Take two warm spoons and place them under the chin. Move the spoons towards the ears with the circular motions and while stretching your skin slightly. Keep the spoons warm. Repeat the process ten times.

Tighten cheeks

Take two warm spoons and place them at the corners of your mouth. Keep the spoons upright. Move the spoons towards the ears with the circular motion. When the spoons cool down, heat them again. Place the warm spoons back in the initial position. As shown in the picture, slightly open your mouth and smile. Then move the spoons under your ears with the circular motions. Repeat both the ways for 5-6 times.

Relax the neck muscles

Take the warm spoon and place it under your ear as shown in the picture. Slightly press the spoon and move it towards the collarbone. Repeat the same ten times.


There are always some contradictions to everything. A person should not do these messages if:

  • The person suffers from rosacea
  • The person is having a problem with the lymphatic system
  • The person’s skin is inflamed or damaged.
  • The person’s veins are very close to the skin surface.