7 Best Clothe Combination That Will Make Your Image Look Ridiculous


Clothe combination that makes you look ridiculous. Modern women do not feel any restriction in any case when the talk is about fashionable looks. And it is why the great combinations of shoes and the bags which we construct from the different materials were on the ban list in the past time. Those things are popular these days. But the fact is we cannot forget about common sense no matter how well we try to be trendy.

Here we are to follow the fashion trends, but you must think that the mixing of the individual items is not the right idea.

1. Wearing thigh-high boots with the knee skirt

Clothe combination that makes you look ridiculous

This is one combination that makes you look ridiculous.

If you want to pair high shoes with a long skirt, then it makes your legs appear small. But if you have the barefoot shoes, then you will look even shorter than that. Also, it happens if your legs are long.

What should we wear instead of it?

You can go for ankle boots or sneakers.

If you cannot wear high boots with a long skirt, then it is must for you to go for the high waist skirt.

2. Wearing Thigh boots with clothes that cover in detail.

Why is the idea not good?

If you wear decorated clothes a lot, then it will make appear your clothes cheap for you.

What should we wear rather than this?

Thigh-high boots are bright for you hence you need not wear for any details with it. Therefore, you must try and avoid wearing clothes that possess heavy decorative material.

These vivid skirts look best if you go for the simple shoes that are ankle boots for us.

3. Maxi skirt with the long coats

Why is the idea terrible for you?

Maxi skirts and the elongated coats paired together make our looks seem not in perfect proportion and less elegant.

What should we go for wearing instead of that?

Long skirts look perfect with the cropped outerwear like that for the fit parka or the jacket.

It is recommended to wear long coats with jeans or pants.

4. The cocktail dress with the boots (ankle boots)

Why is the idea terrible for you?

Cocktail and the party dresses are best if you wear them during the celebrations. The regular boots will not appear to be best for such type of events.

What can you alter in the clothes?

The elegant pumps are the best choices when you want to dress up for the festival. But if you plan to wear heels, then tights will not go with it.

5. Wearing heels with military clothes

Heels are not the best combination with the military shade clothes. Instead, it looks vulgar with it. Even if you are planning for the short dress with the same color then also it would not look good. With the pants, these heels look silly.

The sneaker is the choice instead of it.

Military clothes make the best combination with sneakers. You may even choose the military boots or the barefoot ankle boots.

6. The long cardigan with the fluffy midi skirt

The idea of wearing a long cardigan with the fluffy skirt is not good. It will not allow you to highlight the body shape. And hence the best choice making is crucial if you want to wear a midi skirt.

Instead of the wrong combination, we should make sure that these skirts look best with the short cardigans. Both items will highlight the waist of the person.

You can also go for a blazer that will give the best combination with the belt. It is another variant that you will love. Hence, it will help you to complete the image in the most beautiful way you want.

7. Culottes with sneakers

Why wearing Culottes with sneakers is a bad idea?

Culottes will steal away your height, and then it makes your legs appear short if you will go them with the sneakers.

In an alternative to this, you can wear such pants with high heels.

If you want to seem your height smaller then you should choose the light color of the shoes with the culottes.