9 Best And Clever Tips To Make Your Kitchen Shine


How to make your kitchen shine-Cleaning kitchen takes maximum timing. It takes time more than cleaning other apartments in the house. But it is challenging for you to work between tiles, stove, oven, and the microwave. It consumes the maximum work. At the surface, it would require the utmost attention and the maximum time. But you can make the cleaning process easy and fast. But in these, you will find some of the tricks to be extreme. So why you will now use sock or mayo to clean something? But in these facts, the tips will appear to be using the most for us.

But here we are with the weird but useful tips that may make your kitchen shine

The ruler for the vent

How to make your kitchen shine

Many ways are there by which you can remove the dust from the vent. The best technique is to clean it by a vacuum cleaner. You may even use a can with the compressed air. In some of the case, after you remove the most significant dirty part, the best way you can wash the vent can be through the wet cloth. You can even do it using the regular plastic or the wooden ruler.

Alcohol for the glasses

Well, you might have seen many ugly stains on the glasses after you wash them. You may even use alcohol so that you can get rid of them. Now after that you should mix the water and then remove the glasses. You will also find that the lenses will shine after that.

The paper towel in the fridge.

Washing the fridge to clean is not good. You can use the paper towel instead of this. It will help to reduce the frequency. Well, you must have also seen stains in the fridge due to the presence of water which comes from the fruits and the vegetables. If you place the piece of the towel under the plants and the bottles, then it can quickly solve your problem. You might even use the bag of silica gel that come from the shoe box.

Boiling the water for the microwave oven

When it is the time for steam in the microwave, then it can perform the best miracles. For that, you can even put the pot of water in the oven and hence let the water to boil for some time. Now using a wet cloth, you can rub the inside sides of the oven. It is the best lifehack to wash a slow cooker.

Use flour to get rid of grease.

Old grease stains are hard to remove. It is challenging if the surface is delicate. You can use flour for such cleaning purposes. Put the flour on the grease and then remove it after some time. The method is best if you will go for applying it on the stove.

Use activated carbon to get rid of smells

It is the lifehack that will help you clean the cabinet. But if you are noticing the strong smell in the kitchen then do not let the matter go away. You need to use the activated carbon. For such a purpose, you need to place the pills in the fridge, and it will help you to absorb a high amount of smells.

Mayo for the plants

If you are there to use the artificial flowers in the kitchen then you should give the second life and mayo will help in it. After you clear the dust from the leaves, you can wash the flowers using water and mayo. It will make plants shine like fresh.

The task for the lone socks

It often happens to you that you might lose a sock from the pair. The leftover is of no use for you. You might think of throwing it away. If your hose is thick, then you can use it for the mop cloth replacement. It is good to clean the dust as the microfiber does for you.

Coffee for the room’s aroma

After you clean the room, you might find the sweet coffee aroma to the place. With this, you can place the burning candle in the jar of the coffee beans so that it will be good to fill with the coffee aroma.