The Psychological Meaning Behind 7 Symbols Which Occur In Our Dreams


Dream symbols and it’s meaning-We often get woken up by dreams that are strange, beautiful or even terrifying. We wonder why we have seen a particular dream at all, don’t we? Are the dreams we see indicating something which is yet to occur in our lives? A huge lottery win or maybe even death?

Dreams usually are just prophetic. For better or for worse. You could have possibly had a marriage with Donald Duck, but it doesn’t mean that you have to fly to the Magic Kingdom right away. Whatever occurs in your dreams doesn’t indicate that it ought to happen shortly. They rather symbolize certain things which your intuition is trying to tell you.

At a surface level, all symbolisms can be scary. Once you get familiar with a pattern of dreams, you will realize a lot of emotions, so deep, which you wouldn’t want to suppress them anymore.  Let us look t 7 types of prevalent symbols which we have decided for you.

Common dream symbols and it’s meaning

 1. Teeth are missing

Common dream symbols and it's meaning Teeth are missing


 In your dreams, do your teeth have issues staying in place? Did I just hear a yes? These type of nightmares are widespread and just because of so many of us have it, it doesn’t imply that we are skipping our check-ups.
 Based on dream moods, teeth symbolizes what you sens about your appearance. Whatever anxieties you have about how you look, these dreams will show up now and then.  Falling teeth is a common symptom too, and they indicate that you are not being heard at work or at home. Time to be assertive,  I believe?

2. Money

bad day money

Money is one of the dream symbols and it’s meaning you could win a lot of money or lose it all. Monetary gains can involve a lot of pleasure, but more often than not, it symbolizes high anxiety levels.
A lot of people dream of losing money or being victimized with scams. This could simply imply a loss of credit. This is your brain’s way of telling you that you should look into your spending habits or probably of those around you.

3. Exams


After earning that valuable diploma, you, of course, wouldn’t want a dream in which you see that you don’t know a single thing when you are seated for your final exams. No one would like this nightmare.
According to research, this implies that the individuals were educated in high-stakes or merit-based surroundings. How did anyone know that a difficult 10th grade could affect you all your life?

4. Home being invaded

person holding gun and crowbar

This nightmare can be super terrifying. You need to look at the main symbol here, which is home. Home is supposed to be a safe place, wherein you relax. IF anything is questioning your safety, it means that you sense that your privacy is being threatened in some way or the other.
 This could also happen if you are a stay at home mother and you don’t find any lone time at all. It is indeed a very powerful way of your mind telling that you need to figure some way out. Don’t ignore it.

5.Public Nudity

nude woman hides body

There is nothing to be embarrassed about- when it comes to nudity. This idea could in some way want some of you to curl up in a corner and sob. So many of us endure this dream and its a clear indication that we could be deeply bothered by something that has happened in our life.
So next time you have such a dream, give yourself a moment to think about an incident in life that you possibly could be ashamed about. Some issues could be so deep at times, that we could end up hiding it from ourselves. But it eventually finds its ways through dreams.

6. Birth

pregnant belly

Such dream symbols and it’s meaning could be indeed jarring especially when you don’t have any kids of your own yet or if you happen to be a guy. No ladies, this doesn’t mean that you are pregnant. Giving birth implies that your body is going through a creative process and giving rise to some new idea. If the babies happen to be twins, there could be a birth of two twins- wherein the left brain is fighting with the right. If the baby happens to be premature, it simply means that your ideas are underdeveloped still. How deep is that?

7. Sleep paralysis

sleep paralysis featured

This could be a very shocking or scary way to dream. People experiencing such kind of sleep paralysis are either half awake or half asleep. It could sound intriguing to anyone who hasn’t dealt with it, but it could be a terrifying experience to others.
Such people will feel as if they are caged inside their bodies, and they cannot move or speak, sometimes even speak. Many of them see demonic presences or someone sitting on their chests. It is very awful to even think of.
Frequent dreams could indicate some sort of sleep disorder, but it only occurs when your body is trying to tell you something. You could be suffering from some hidden health problems- narcolepsy or some mental health disorder. Whatever it is, it is time for you to visit a doctor.
Is a better feeling to know that you are not the only one going naked to work in your dreams? Would you pay more attention to your dreams from now on? We would love to know your thoughts!