How to have a straight posture? Since the start, we were told to stand straight and sit in an upright posture. It is essential to maintain a good position so that our spine is on track.

The moment anybody saw you slouching at the corner they would tell you to sit straight and will help you avoid it till adulthood. They have always been right, but we kept slouching on our study desks, or while driving. But we can still work on improving our postures and can prevent our spines from the damage.

Here are a few steps that you must follow to keep your pine on track:-

  1. Sit Properly in Your Seat

15 Ways to have Straight Posture

Always try sitting back in your seat as it provides support to your spine and keeps it straight. While driving or even watching television, sit back straight. You can also keep the cushion to keep your spine straight.

  1. Support Cushions

Support cushions can be a great support to your spine; they can help sit in upright positions. You can find wedges and lumbar pillows for the support that tuck in between your seat and back.

  1. Cross legs: A big NO

Sitting with cross legs puts a lot more pressure on our spine due to which the pelvis tilts forward, and our spine is out of alignment. Break this habit to prevent back problems in the future.

  1. Get Up and Move

While working for hours, we sit in the same position for a long time causing spinal misalignment. Our muscles get tight and tired if we are in a sedentary job. It is better to move our body in between; whether you are on a plane, office or even in bed, get up and walk a few steps.

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  1. Switch Arms While Carrying Bags

15 Ways to have Straight Posture

Heavy bags put the weight in the middle of our body and cause spinal strain. It is best to keep shifting the burden from one shoulder to another to prevent spinal pressure as heavy shopping bags resting on our shoulders throw our center of gravity, and that causes pain in the spine.

  1. Align your Ears

Align your ears properly by adjusting your head and chin. Aligned ears should be lined up with your shoulders to have a perfect posture.

  1. Squat to Lift Things

The squat position keeps the spine straight and puts no strain on your back and spine. Stand straight then bend a little to the center, now lift yourself, squat and pick what you need.

  1. Book Walk

The old school trick that helps to have a perfect body posture. This might be the old technique, but it works well till now. All you need to do is walk with a book on your head to keep your spine and posture aligned.

  1. Give your Heels a Break

Wearing heels for quite a long time can cause you back problems. The uneven weight distribution leads to poor body posture. Instead of heels all the time, try wearing flats to prevent spinal problems.

  1. Avoid sleeping on Your Stomach.

15 Ways to have Straight Posture

Relaxing on our stomach puts the whole pressure on your neck and spine and strains the upper part of the spine resulting in internal injuries and spinal problems.

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises

Breathing from the diaphragm engages your core and elongates your spine. Do breathing exercise, inhale profoundly letting your abdomen expand ad exhale profoundly contracting it inwards. You should feel the stretch in your spine.

  1. Set up an Ergonomic workspace

Having a perfect desk, that is of proper height. Monitors on the counter should be placed at eye level, and the computer accessories should be kept in positions that it is comfortable for your back and wrists to work.

  1. Adjust your Devices

Do not use your phones while lying on the bed as it will be hard on the neck muscles. You can change this habit or purchase a prop that sets on your table to your eyes level and will not be harmful to your muscles.

  1. Do stretching to open up Back, Shoulders and Pecs

Take a break and stretch. Simple stretches can help in loosening up the spine, chest and back muscles. Make a simple routine and spend 15 minutes daily on stretching and keeping your muscles tight.

  1. Try Yoga

15 Ways to have Straight Posture

Yoga increases your flexibility and loosens up your vertebrae, and it also helps you strengthen your core and balance.

These tricks will surely help you in having a good posture. You must follow these steps to have a perfect spine.