7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid.


The most important part of makeup is applying the eyeliner. Apart from being the most important part, it is the trickiest part of makeup as well. Eyeliner is a necessity for some and a go-to look for others. While doing the eyes, eyeliner is the part where women tend to make most of the mistakes. From not knowing the correct shape of liner that will suit them to not getting the liner even in both the eyes, there is number of mistakes which you’re committing knowingly or unknowingly. But, don’t you worry. Today we’re here to fix your most common eyeliner mistakes. Have a look.

#1 Stretching your skin while applying eyeliner.

Most of the women have a habit of extending or stretching their eyelids while applying eyeliner. This should however not be done! This makes your skin wrinkled, and you’ll notice fine lines near your eyes. Instead of stretching your eyes, try lifting your chin up, a bit, and then you can look down at your appearance. This will serve your purpose of getting the eyeliner correctly onto your eyes.

#2 Darkening the lower lid too much.

When you’ve lined your upper lash line properly, it’s better to restrict yourself to the basic kajal on your lower lash line. If you darken your lower lash line too much, your eyes will appear a lot more smaller and droopier. Any not all eye shapes are meant for that kind of look. Apart from this, if you darken the lower lash line too much, you are more prone to smudging. Eventually, you don’t want to end up looking like you’re a part of a metal band. So, opt a subtle look and go soft on the kajal.

#3 Not knowing which eyeliner to use.

Not many women know the difference between pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner. Here, we’re not talking about the fundamental difference, but the difference in their application and when to use which type of eyeliner. Get this thing straight, Pencil eyeliners are the easiest to apply, and you can use them when you’re in a hurry. There are fewer possibilities of making blunders when you’re working with pencil eyeliners. Gel liners have a smooth texture, are waterproof and can help you get the thickness you require. Now comes the trickiest one that is liquid eyeliner. If you’re not an expert, you should refrain yourself from applying it. The chances are that you’ll make a lot of mistakes repeatedly, and consume a lot of your time in correcting them. One of the reasons why liquid eyeliners are the most difficult to apply is that they are extremely runny. You need to be extra careful while working with liquid eyeliners and that’s why you should leave that to experts only.

#4 Not making use of eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow is an easy and a quick fix for those who are facing the problem of smudging your eyeliner. If you avoid using eyeshadow, start using it for your good. Eyeshadow will help in keeping your eyeliner fresh for an extended period and will ensure that it doesn’t smudge. If you’re using a pencil eyeliner, don’t skip the eyeshadow part.

#5 Using eyeliner on the inner water line.

Using eyeliner on the inner part of your water line will make you look terrible. Your eyes will tend to become more prone to bacterial infections if you do so.When your eyes get wet, it will make the eyeliner on the inner part smudge easily. It also enables goop assembling in the internal corners of your eyes which just adds to your terrible look.

#6 Applying mascara first.

Applying Mascara should be the last step in your makeup regime. If you apply mascara first, you’ll not be able to apply your eyeliner correctly due to lesser visibility because of your thickened eyelashes. Moreover, You’ll not be able to judge just how many layers of mascara do your eyes require because you’ll not have your eyeliner on. Mascara will make your lashes heavier which will make application of eyeliner all the more difficult. So, first things first and last things last should be your formula.

#7 Using a blunt or dry eyeliner pencil.

Dry eyeliners tend to leave lines on your skin. They damage your skin like nothing else. Make it a point to use only smooth and rich eyeliner pencil. Furthermore, Sharpen your eyeliner whenever you feel it has become blunt and when it is becoming difficult for you to apply it. If you do that, it will make your application easier and precise.