Easy ways to apply eyeliner


Apply eyeliner-Eyeliners are the ultra charmer to the utilization of a woman’s beauty. Makeup cannot be completed without applying eyeliner as if the beauty needs perfection which lacks if the eyeliner is not approached. Also, a woman is needed to apply eyeliner with the best method as the demand for the perfect attraction so it is necessary to know the best method for the same. Here we will help you out to find the best method of applying a cat look.

Easy ways to apply eyeliner

Apply eyeliner

  • Try with a triangle shape

All you need is to draw lines in a triangle shape and then merge them into a thick shape. You will find the cat’s eyes charm.

  • Use tape as a shaper

If you have shaky hands while applying the eyeliner and you are unable to shape a cat eye look, a sticky will help you for the best look ever. All you are supposed to do is to stick the tape making a 60-degree angle from the eyebrows. Afterward, draw a line like that angle and lead it towards the inside lashes.

  • Pen liners

If you are unable to give the same shape on both sides, you must go for pen eyeliners. You must prefer them rather have the brush liners.

  • Brush as the liner

If you are comfortable with the gel eyeliners, you can use brush liners for an even shape on both sides. You have to apply eyeliner from the end pore of your lashes and lead towards the eyebrows end. Take care that it must not be so long as it should be towards eyebrows but not till eyebrow’s end.

  • Hide the unshaped

When your all procedure of applying eyeliner has been finished, you can use concealer to hide the odd shape. Although the above methods try to give the perfect shape yet there comes some uneven thickness. You need not worry about that and as a final methodology, just concealer.

  • The exact procedure of applying

Always remember to apply the eyeliner from the middle of lashes. Use small amount first and then gradually increase the thickness.

  • Things to be avoided

While applying the liner on the end side of the eyes, do not dip the brush or liner again in the pot. It can enlarge the chances of odd shape more.