The term breakup from a relationship has been a trending activity these days. It is very common in a type of relationship which was purely based on physical desires. But nowadays it has become a rising issue for a true love story too and that because of simple logic. Here we have mentioned all those seven logics which creates a challenge in maintaining a healthy relationship. Just have a glimpse at these and try to avoid them in your case.

1) Suspicion
Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. Lack of trust may cause several issues such as doubts, misunderstandings etc. which may result in the end of relationships.

2) Insecurity
This behaviour may be cancerous for any relationship as it spreads negativity. It is always necessary to share everything with each other otherwise it may lead to misunderstandings and several other issues.

3) Lack of commitment
Another major issue which weakens the bond shared by two loved ones. A true commitment really matters for an ever-lasting relationship. But these things are fading with the increasing time.

4) Miscommunication
Communication is an important part of a relationship through which one can express their emotions and feelings. But sometimes due to disagreement or egoistic behaviour one can raise a misunderstanding which can increase the distance between them. It is necessary to sort the issues by having a clear debate.

5) Early love
Involving into a physical relationship in the initial stage of your relationship may create several complications. It does not develop a healthy and stable relationship as it is purely physical.

6) Holding the past
Not every one of us comprises a better past. Some of them hold their past as their worst nightmare. Holding your past and starting a heated argument can lead to several complications due to which your relationship can never remain stable.

7) Bad Habits
Honestly speaking of the course of time some of your bad habits such as drinking and smoking on regular basis, drug addiction or playing casino etc. may irritate your partner or can make them uncomfortable with you. This can raise distance between you two and eventually end up in splitting.