5 Problems that may drive away your man!


We all long for a relationship like that of Allie and Noah from The Notebook. However, in the real world, such relationships are hard to find.  We have to put in a lot of effort to for a “happily ever after.” Though happiness of both the parties is equally important, we often neglect the pleasure of the man in the relationship. We always discuss the problems faced by the women and find a solution for it. We advise our men to take care of their girl while seldom we do it other way round. For a successful relationship, women need to put similar efforts and avoid certain things which can hamper their relationship. Some of these things are discussed below-

1. Woman who don’t take responsibility

Men feel pressurized when they have to take care of the finances while their partner stays at home with their endless list of wishes. Men have to bear all the burden of bills.

A man may not say this out loud, but he would really appreciate if a woman comes up to take some responsibility so that he doesn’t have an extra workload.

2.  Intercourse

Intimacy places a vital role in a relationship. Man shy away while saying that lovemaking may be the most significant issue in their relationship.

Less intimacy implies that you don’t have a strong bond with your partner. A good love life will enhance your love life while a bad one while making your man go away.

3. Not taking proper care of yourself

While men like to pamper their girl, they like girls who don’t wholly rely on them for their care. After a hectic day, the last thing he would want is to deal with your problem and take care of you.

Dress nicely for him so that he will be cheerful when he sees you after a tiresome day.

4. Dishonesty

Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship. If you continuously go behind their back and check their phone, it will irritate any man on earth.

Have some faith in your partner instead of spying him.

5. Long distance

Long distance relationship requires a lot of dedication and patience. It is not impossible, but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Man find it very hard to be in a long-distance relationship.

Not able to see each other every day brings a gap in your relationship. It diminishes the intimacy and requires extra efforts to make it work.