8 Best Facts To Save Your Life


Facts that can save your life-You all would have seen in the movies, and TV shows how people struggle when they get locked in their cars in the water. They try to open the car door, but the doors get stuck because of the water. One of the best ways to exit from the sinking vehicle is to take off your seat belt immediately, lower down the window and escape from the window. The door of your car is likely to stick until the vehicle sinks entirely in the water.

We have collected some information that you would have no idea that would prove to be very important during an emergency.

Here are the 8 best facts that can save your life


This octopus has enough venom that he can kill 26 adults at once

8 facts that can save your life

The blue-ringed octopus is tiny. It is the most dangerous marine animal on earth. It is so terrible that in a matter of minutes, its venom can kill a total of 26 adults. This octopus only attacks human beings. When they get the first symptom, then their hatred needs only a few minutes to kill humans. The human beings start feeling paresthesia, numbness, and feel difficulty in breathing within 6-10 minutes when the octopus bites. Its other two effects are vomiting and nausea. You will be unable to speak or move if you provoke the octopus. So whenever you notice this animal move away from it to save your life.

When you in an emergency, Siri can help you to call up an ambulance

You should read this live incident of a one-year-old girl from Australia in 2016. She was turning blue from her baby monitor. When her mother saw her, she immediately runs to perform CPR to her daughter. On the way, she remembered to take help from Siri. She used Siri and said that Hey Siri, call up an ambulance. Siri called up, and the mother talked with paramedics. They arrived at her home and saved the little girl. And later, the lady thanked Apple Company for inventing Siri in the phones.

Your reflectors get slow down by upbeat music

We all listen to music while driving. We should stay away from loud and upbeat music while driving. The persons, who look to upbeat music while driving, concentrate more on the loud music than on the road. The loud music increases the person’s heart rate.

You should maintain eye contact if someone points a gun at you

When a person looks a gun at you, the best idea is to make close eye contact with the person. The gunman will feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. They would walk away from you.

Turn right four times if someone follows you

When you are driving for a long time, and someone is following you, you should stay calm. The best way is to take four right turns in a row. This way you will come back to the same place, and if the same car is still behind you, then it will be sure that the vehicle is following you. In such a case, get into a noisy road around so many people.

You can dress large wounds using sanitary pads.

A woman named Kimberly Clark has developed Cell cotton during World War- II. It is the material that absorbs vast quantities of blood. Then she created bandages using this material for soldiers. This material was further used to develop sanitary pads for girls. So we can use these sanitary pads for any significant or severe wound. It will keep the injury disinfected.

Never pick up a person from the head that has fainted

First aid when someone gets fainted, you should not slap the person or pour water on him. And you should not even lift the person. You should raise the person’s feet to the heart level and keep them up until the person gets consciousness. This shape of the body state intensifies the blood flow to the brain. Lose his belt. Do not give the person any caffeinated drink or coffee to drink.

To have a good supply of clean water, fill your bathtubs and sinks before natural disasters

If the water supply is not cut off entirely at the time of the natural disaster, then the water gets contaminated after natural catastrophes. You should prepare yourself by buying water bottles, and you can also fill up your sinks and bathtubs to get clean water after the disaster.

These were the best facts that can save your life & you should be aware of them.