8 Surprising Ways to Use Baby Shampoo


The Miracles Of Baby shampoo-Baby shampoo is a hair product for washing oil, dirt and environmental pollutants from baby’s hair but most of us are unaware of other purposes of the baby shampoo. For instance, it can be used for cleansing your face, cleaning your make up brushes and much more. Here are some of the uses of baby shampoo explained briefly that might help you in maintaining your skin as well as your accessories.

What are the miracles of baby shampoo

1) Treat your feet.

Miracles of baby shampoo

Baby shampoo is one of the mildest shampoos as it is mostly used for babies but it can also be used for cleansing your feet as it gently cleanses your feet without providing any harm to them. You just have to apply a little amount of baby shampoo on your feet before going to sleep and cover them by wearing socks and the next morning wash it off.

2) Make your leather shine

Miracle of Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo can be used to regain the shine of your leather shoes and accessories rubbing shampoo on the shoes for a few minutes can bring back the shine on its surface. Take a small amount of baby shampoo on a clean cloth and rub it gently over the surface of the material for a few minutes.

3) Clean your makeup brushes.

The Harsh liquid soap which we generally use to wash our makeup brush is something that reduces the life of the makeup brush. One can use baby shampoo for cleaning makeup brushes. Take a few drops of baby shampoo and massage it on your make up brush for a while and then rinse it off.


4) …and clean your face

Apply this method to wash your face daily can make your skin ridiculously soft as it acts as a perfect cleanser and doesn’t harm your skin as it contains no harsh chemicals which are mostly part of other cleansers and face washes. One can also use it to clean your make up, just take lukewarm water in a bowl and soak a cotton swab in it and add a little drop of baby shampoo and swipe the cotton swab over your face lightly. Here is another natural home remedy for you to clean your face naturally

5) Shampoo your pets.

Most of the animal doctor suggest baby shampoo for the cleansing of pets as harsh shampoo can cause itching and many other problems in their skin and moreover they would smell wonderful if one uses baby shampoo for their pets.


6) Remove band-aids painlessly.

Removing band-aids is not always a pleasant process as the stick part of the band-aids hurts more than anything. If one uses baby shampoo for the removal of band-aids then there will be no pain as shampoo will be helpful in removing the sticky part of it which will allow you to remove it without causing any pain.

7) Wash your underwear.

Baby shampoo is good for washing your underwear’s as it will leave the cloth so soft and smell pleasant. Shampoo washes act more delicately on cloths (more specifically on underwear’s) comparatively to detergents or liquid soaps. Use warm water and mix a little amount of baby shampoo into and comb by brushes for a few seconds and then rinse it off.

8) Stand in for hand soap.

You can avoid those chemical containing harsh hand washes and go for baby shampoo as hand washes as it will not only kill the bacteria but also keep your skin healthy and soft.