9 Mistakes That Says You Are Killing Your Phone


Tips to save your mobile phone-The small human activities can affect our smartphones in various ways. It gives birth to some other real consequences. Ok, let us tell you one example of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident. Well, I am sure nobody wants their phones to get exploded. Hence for them, we have brought some simple rules to follow.

We love small devices as much as the person next to you. Mobile phones are helpful in daily life routines. Here are some tips that you will always need to avoid to have it.

Tips to save your mobile phone

Do not apply the weird DIYs from the odd sources.

Tips to save your mobile phone

Well, for once you must have believed that you can do something after we watch a video. But the unreliable sources will provide us over and over the life hacks that do not even prove to be helpful for us. Instead, those sources can cause damage to our devices. It will not help virtually.

Do not leave the mobile phone on the window or table to get heated up.

Well, not only mobile usage but even the sunlight from the windows can lead to the overheating of your mobile phones. With this, your device would not change visibly, but the overheating would hit hard on the mobile phone’s battery. It may even lead to the damage of the system chips. Hence you need to feel secure for your mobile phones.

Do not plug the mobile phone in carelessly.

Well, when you are in a hurry, you must have found yourself plugging in the mobile phone carelessly. Or when you blindly go for sleeping, you do not know the exact plug pin of your mobile phone. You will cause jamming of the USB plug into it without care or with force. But it will cut down the lifespan of your charger shortly. The electrical contacts are even delicate than we think them to be in actual.

Update the software and the firmware when the phone itself asks you.

It acts as the hardware to serve the body of the phone. It is the software which helps our brain and our soul. But if you will download the software from the unreliable sources, then it can make your phone to malfunction or even shut down. It may also transform your personal information to the unknown person.

Clean the inside of the phone.

Well, you never care about cleaning your phone from inside. There is a ton of dust particles and the small pieces of garbage. The dirt from the bags and the pocket can make the way into the phone which might even interrupt the inner working of the device. But if you do not know to deal with the technical products, then you can ask the professionalism for the help.

Do not hold your phone in your hand on the street.

This is one of the Tips to save your mobile phone. Well, in most of the stolen cases you will find the reason to be prominent. The last year iPhones got reported with the stolen report when the owner was out with their phones on the street to talk on the phone. So we will advise you to be cautious and use the headset to speak when you stand in the crowded street.

Do not put your phone in a bag without cover.

Well, the phone cover is not only for the fashion statement, but also it is helpful to protect the phone from getting stuffed with the dust particles. The particles come from the accumulated ones at the bottom of your bag. Hence, all of these things will make your device to overheat and thus can even cause its malfunctioning.

Do not use the cheap and phony battery instead of the original battery.

The battery of the phone acts as a heart for the smartphone. Well, you need to keep a check on the type of battery service that you use for your mobile phone to get repaired. If the battery is not the original part of the hardware, then the lifespan of the battery gets shortened significantly.

Knock -off the chargers and headphones

A device can catch fire if you do not use original chargers and use the cheap electricity supply. Even people go for using knock-off headphones that can also damage the phone slot forever.