A Mother Of 11 Children Captures Their Beautiful Moments Together, And Her Photos Are Filled With Love and Warmth


This is how a mother of 11 children captured their beautiful moments-A mother always wants to capture the journey of her child and their special little moments into a photograph so that the memories become immortal.

This mother of 11 children from Arizona accomplished this task with so much talent and zeal that it gave rise to her career as a professional family photographer.

Lisa Holloway, is so busy right now that you will find it difficult to hire her today as she has so many clients at her waiting. Her first models, however, were her children; seven sons and four daughters. With them, she started her career, and today I am here to share some of these photos with which Lisa realised her love for photography. Allow me to introduce you to some of Lisa’s masterpieces.

A Mother Of 11 Children Captures Their Beautiful Moments Together

Eyes you could drown in

A Mother Of 11 Children Captures Their Beautiful Moments Together, And Her Photos Are Filled With Love and Warmth

The prettiest model ever, wouldn’t you say? Her eyes draw you in completely. You can find a whole new story in her eyes.

A family portrait

Is it just me, or does this portrait look like something straight out of the Game of Thrones?  It looks intimidating and incredible at the same time.

Madonna (Lisa expecting her 11th baby)

She looks like a Goddess with those perfect lights and that firm look. She looks so pure, so untouchable and so beautiful, like every mother.

Seven sons…

Oh! Look at these handsome little munchkins. Also, they are kind of making a fashion statement.  I love the hairstyle of the little cupcake in the middle. She has a beautiful family.

..and her beautiful daughters

Her eldest daughter looks the exact same as Lisa, and she is so elegant. The youngest daughter is also giving all the other babies a fierce competition. The other two sisters as pretty as their siblings.

Catching leaves

This picture is so many things at the same time. It looks something out of a fairy tale. Also, if you did not notice (that is if you are blind) that the baby is so cute.

You do not necessarily need a studio to get a good picture

Her eyes are magical; they can seriously tame ghosts and stuff. I love this girl. The location is so pretty, but not even a close competition to this girl.

What matters is the model

The location, the dress, the model and her expression (and of course the photographer) have all helped in creating this masterpiece. This picture is beyond perfection.

A photo with an animal is always better than a picture with a toy

Awww! This photo is so full of love and joy. Yeah, I am about to frame this one.

Like a bird

Her smile is so endearing.

Or a rabbit

There is too much cuteness in the same photograph.

Or a dog

I cannot even with this one. Too much for me to handle. Dogs are always a better company than humans.

The most important thing is to capture the mood…

You can almost feel as if you are standing there, with the boy, near his car.

…and the scenery that matches the mood

Look at her chubby little fingers.

If your model is talented, you do not need any extra equipment

He seems to be enjoying this photoshoot. Such a happy picture!

Sincere joy is the key to a great photo

Lisa, can I come to play with your babies?

So is the right outfit

Perfect outfit for the perfect model.

It’s great if the models are equally interested in each other

Haha! Two tiny models.

A fairytale-like picture is not difficult to capture

When you have pretty dedicated models and an equally dedicated photographer, perfection is not far away.

Such a beautiful family, full of talented people. Lisa is such a skilful photographer and I am glad that she started her career with her kids.