How to make your hands look younger? Most of the beauty creams concentrate on bringing the age back to your face, so you look young. You may get a more youthful looking skin for your face after applying hundreds of the products but how do you maintain the skin on some other parts of your body which may give you away.

You may want to adopt some of the remedies that will give you an overall younger looking skin.

Therefore you need to pay as much attention to your hands as you pay to your face. Here is the list of things which adds some years to the skin of your hand and what you should do to remedy that.

Best ways to make your hands look younger

Age Spots

Best ways to make your hands look younger

The term Age Spots is not what you think it is, as it does not have much to do with age. The reason for the appearance of these spots turns out to be too much exposure to the sun, as stated by New York-based MD, Eileen Lambroza.

These spots are known as Age Spots as they do not appear until you have reached your 50s and absorbed a little too many of the sun rays. You need to protect your skin against the harmful rays, and you want to wear sunscreen with SPF 30. You can also lighten the age spots with the help of cream that contains 2% or 3% hydroquinone in it.


Wrinkled skin, be it on face or hands does not look pretty, and that is why you need to get rid of it. OTC creams are your refuge in case of wrinkled skin. Some of the prescription creams that contain retinoid can enhance collagen production of the skin, taking some years away, as according to Deborah Sarnoff, an MD from New York University.

Also, do not forget to get some guidance from the dermatologist on how to use these creams to derive all its benefits, minus the side effects. This is the way to fight wrinkles off your hand.

Bulging veins

When you have got a cluster-full of veins popping out from the back of your hand resembling a mess of a net, you know you have to do something about them. They will most definitely make your hands look older than they are.

The unfortunate truth about this condition is that they do not go easy, and for a permanent cure you may have to get veins that do not sit right on the surface, surgically removed.

Everyone will not be up for this task, so there is a more natural remedy, and that is to hide them. A strong concealer and its application on your hand may help you to give you a more smooth surface. Surgical removal cannot be taken as a step by each, and so this is an easy way out.

Scales on your skin

Scaly skin as you might have seen has a dry and rough texture to it. This is not only unattractive but also adds years to your skin. The cure for this type of skin is a rigorous bedtime handcare routine which will help you manage such skin type.

A mild scrub will help get rid of the dead skin cells. Moisturise your skin with a hydrating cream that consists of special plant oils and glycerine. You want to wrap your hands in a cotton glove to retain the moisture overnight. Moisturising is an essential part of this remedy and so moisturise your way to smooth skin.

Nail Stains

There are some causes from which you can get a blue or yellowish stain on your nails. The best way to go about it is to find out the cause and then treat it effectively. Nail discolourations can be caused by many factors like fungal infection, overuse of dark nail paints and the side effects of medication such as psoriasis.

Most probably when you deal with the health issue, you have already dealt with the discolouration. Otherwise, you can try some remedies like rubbing a wedge of lemon on your nails to lighten them or by using a denture cleaner. You just have to dip your nails for twenty minutes in this cleaner so that you can introduce yourselves to stain-free nails.

Brittle nails

Sometimes, nails can chip away or break easily accounting for many factors such as excess wetting, genetically, excessive exposure to chemicals or weather changes. If you have the right amount of supplements, then you do not need to worry about a thing as this condition is easily fixable.

You need to add a dose of biotin (1g to be exact) to your daily schedule which is a type of Vitamin B. This course shall continue for six to nine months or for as long as prescribed by the dermatologist. Supplements like these will make your nails stronger and fix this condition.

Old fashioned manicures

Always remember to keep pace with the trends around you and it goes same with your manicures. Not keeping up with manicure trends can also add some numbers to your age.

Currently, very long nails are out of fashion; instead nails not going beyond 1/4th of an inch from your fingertip will be the accurate way. Bold colours of nail paints will also take the eyes away from wrinkles or age spots and help conceal them properly. So, do not forget to keep your pace with the changing trends and make them ensure your looks.

Did you find any of the conditions from above troubling the youth away from your skin? If yes, then you need to follow all the mentioned remedies and wait for them to have a magical effect and restore that smooth and younger looking skin. Do not ignore your hands when making sure of more youthful skin.

It is not just your face that will give away your age. So be careful even of the skin of your hands and minus some unwanted years from your skin and look flawless. Do not forget to share it with your friends so that, they can also get all the solutions for achieving the skin of their dreams. Share your thoughts in the comments below.