A Song Discovered By The Scientists To Reduce Your Stress Level


A song that can reduce stress- Well, we are all much busy with our work in daily routine such that it becomes difficult for us to look after our health. It is a common problem that every person face in their work routine. Even if they get a holiday, they look after their house and the whole day goes on in no time. Nobody on this earth lives the stress-free life. Also, it leads to anxiety which can trap a person in its web for the lifetime. And now scientists have made considerable research on this matter and try to find out what was the impact of stress on our lives.

A song that can reduce stress

A song that can reduce stress

They concluded that about  30% of the American adult population between the age of 18-54 have been suffering from the problem of anxiety such that they need the daily visit to the doctors. It is a great matter of fact that we need to consider in our life such that it will not become a big problem for us in future times.

Well, this anxiety may lead to abnormal mental conditions such that most of the people do not even disclose the fact and speak about it. But if you will remain quite regarding it, then it may act as the silent killer to your body. It becomes difficult for you to explain the issues but then there we have tried to find out the number of ways so that it might become easy for us to deal with them entirely. Even many doctors believe that they have discovered a song that can reduce stress.

Psychology says, that the rise of technology that we couple with the overprotective nature of parenting the children and the exam factory schools are the primary reasons behind the anxiety.

Three elements also develop the anxiety level among the kids, teenagers, and adults. They are the most affected person on the earth with the changing technology and the changing environment. Our parenting society put the high pressure on the kids to study hard and as much as they can rather than asking them to play the outdoor games. Parents always want their children to score excellent grades no matter what happens next. If your student fails then teh, society considers you with the no level in the community. Instead of preparing them for their future needs we are pressurizing them a lot.

The freedom of doing things freely also plays a vital role in anxiety. We know that around us our society is keeping an eye on us all the time. They look after the work that we daily and watching is consistently, and hence we get pressurized to make the right decision. Even if we make some wrong move by mistake, then they will scornfully look at us. It has a direct impact on our self-esteem.

But here are some people who believe that they can resolve the matter by intaking pills regularly. But many other people say that counseling is beneficial for us. But there is one method that has proved to be effective, and that is therapy. The neuroscientists of UK can effectively proponent this therapy.

Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson is a scientist who conducted a study along with his team of Minilab International. They all together showed a particular song increased the rate of relaxation in the test subjects than any other music.

The song name is Weightless, and the creator of the music is the Marconi Union. The song provides you with the soothing effects such that the doctors also prescribe you not to listen to the song while you are driving on the road because while driving you do not feel relaxation ever in your life.

In collaboration with a few sound therapists, the song got created with it. The song is best for those who want to slow down their heart rate to the regular beats because it is slow such that if you put on the earphones, then you will not interact with the outer world so that it does not cause any effect. And hence a song that can reduce stress level.