Simone Taylor, 16, is a typical teenager who is from Germany and is still in high school and loves to be with her friends. But what’s abnormal about her is that she didn’t cut her nails for three consecutive years!! How insane is that!!

She has a craze for long nails. She shared some pictures which will make your jaw drop.!!


3 Years and it just happened!!

She never planned on having these long nails, it just happened.


She initially didn’t cut her nails for a year and received many compliments.

When she initially started growing her nails, she received many compliments on how good they looked. She kept them in good condition but never imagined that she’ll keep them that way for three years!!


This was taken back in 2016

She fell so madly in love with her long nails that she decided not to cut them!


She cares a lot for her nails!

They do require a lot of care and maintenance.


She always keeps them painted.

She spends a lot of her time in getting manicures and maintaining her long nails.


Her nails are her life!

She needs to be extra careful while doing daily chores. She doesn’t want to break them.


Even holding a pen is extremely difficult for her!

While writing her exams, she’s unable to write even for an hour as her hand starts paining.


She has to use knuckles for writing.

She needs to perform well as a student. She needs to work on projects and assignments from time to time and it’s problematic for her.


It is evident from the pictures that her life is complicated!

She has said no to sports! Any sport may break her nails.


She doesn’t use nail clippers!

As a child, she was never interested in nail polish.


But as she grew up, things changed!

Now she likes to paint her nails in different colors and she watches online tutorials to take care of her nails.