As we all know that Selena Gomez holds the title of most followed celebrity on Instagram. But wait someone will break steal her title soon. If Selena is Queen of Instagram, then Kylie is the Princess of this Empire. There is no doubt that she is like the most beautiful art created by the God. She holds 98.3M peoples on her Instagram Account. Kylie was born on August 10, 1997. She is an American reality Show Personality, Entrepreneur, Model, Socialist, and Social Media Personality. Her full name is Kylie Kristen Jenner. In 2017 she got shortlisted in Forbes 100 Celebs List. There is no doubt that she is the goddess of beauty and know very well how to flaunt it.

So, 9 Times Kylie Flaunted her gorgeous curves in the figure-hugging outfits. One more thing, She has a Boyfriend. Her Boyfriend name is Travis Scott. Lucky Man.

She Knows How to Pose!

She is so perfect with posses, Look at the perfection. She killed it.

Bold and Young!

There is no doubt that she is so popular. 2M likes. 228.4K Comments Show her popularity.

When She posses for Lakme Fashion Week.

There are so many brands want her to promote their Product by possing for their Brand.

Women In Black.

In this Instagram post, She played the role of an Entrepreneur. She is promoting her brand product. But She still looks fantastic.

Doesn’t she look like a Babie Doll?

Her Perfection hypnotizes me.

Another One in Bold looks.

She had a great fashion sense. I wish I had too cause who wear Sparkling Green Shirt and Shinning Black Pant at his own Birthday Party. Don’t blame Me My Mom is the reason behind this.

She is so like a Cinderella.

Doesn’t she had a personality of a Princess.

Work Out, Works!

Her work out picture is enough to motivate people to stay fit…

She is killing me, Don’t you feel the same.

How can someone look cute, hot, bold at the same time?