Adorable Hairstyles Of Black Pink With Its Comeback


Adorable hairstyles you should try -The Black Pink is super cute forever. The girls having Blackpink hair had super creative hairstyles. This combination is coming back soon with new hairstyles. Recently, the girls have spotted with this combo with new hairstyles. Along with Black Pink, girls wear brown and black tones with curls, waves and having short hair. Check out most creative and iconic hairstyles of Lisa, Rose, Jisoo, and Jennie in the honour of comeback of BLACK PINK.

Adorable hairstyles you should try

1. Pastel hair (Lisa)

Adorable hairstyles you should try

Since the BLACK PINK debuted in the year 2016, Lisa has had entirely different hairstyles. Out of such hairstyles, one of her cutest and outlook hairstyle is her pastel blue hair with silver bangs.

And later on, she wore some dark colour from the previous one. Both the hairstyle match with her personality and give her a perfect look.

2. Rainbow hair (Jisoo)

Adorable hairstyles you should try She likes dark tones with soft purple. Out of her choice, she went for a brighter look by opting a reverse ombre purple with red dye. The colour-rich red was at the top of her hair, and from the bottom, her hair was purple.

After this, she opted for some more bright hair. She incorporated blue colour with purple highlights. She looks super stylish. Her head looks like an explosion of colours.

3. Mild brown hair with bangs (Lisa)

Lisa mostly opted for wild colours. She is mean for her choice of wild colours for her hair. We rarely see her with soft and neutral tones. She also looks beautiful with soft and neutral tones. These natural brown curls give her feminine and elegant look.

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4. Frizzy curls (Jennie)

She always looks amazing no matter how is her hairstyle. She mostly prefers to keep straight hair with sleek. But this time, she is with a different hairstyle. She wears tight ringlet curls.

Most of the times, we have seen her with straight or wavy hair. She seems with crimped hair from time to time.

5. Rose locks (Rose)

We mostly see her with iconic red-pink colour which is similar to her name. But now she rocked with lighter orange colour.

She looks amazing with this hair colour.

6. Dark short bangs (Jisoo)

Dark bangs also suit her. She looks completely different and beautiful with dark short bangs.

7. Half-up, Half-down hair (Jennie)

This is a casual hairstyle. When someone does not have much time to make extraordinary hairstyle, this hairstyle is perfect for them. This hairstyle fits Jennie’s outfit completely.

8. Braids (Rose)

Her braids are as if it is your last option. It is somewhat serious hairstyle goals.

9. Side sweep hair (Jennie)

She used to part her hair in the middle. But this time she has changed the parting side of her hair. She opted side parting of her hair and gave a damn and sexy look.

The prettiest one is chosen from the group of all the members of BLACK PINK. And they all agree for the result. Jisoo from BLACK PINK once again was brought to the spotlight on the recent episodes of Access Showbiz Tonight.

She was looking gorgeous as the host of interview of BLACK PINK which introduced her as BLACK PINK’s “Visual member”.

Rose and Jennie chimed up in the agreement when the title of host referred to Jisoo though Lisa gave a big thumbs up. Her lips were the specific part of her face that everybody liked there. Lisa said that when Jisoo smiles, her shape turns into a heart shape.

There were not only the BLACK PINKS’ members who love Jisoo but others who were present there also like Jisoo. They also agree that Jisoo is very beautiful. So at last, Every member of Black Pink agrees with the results.