Check Out The Trending Hairstyles And Hair Colours For The Year 2018


Trending Hairstyles And Hair Colors-Everybody wants to opt for new and new hairstyles from time to time. It will be amazing if we get some inspiration from others for the latest styles for this year. There are new hairstyles, and hair colours are trending this year. From blush-pink bobs to caramel blondes and sweatbands to cat clips are few hairstyles and hair colours that are trending in the year 2018.

We are going to tell you about more trending hairstyles and hair colors of the year 2019.

1. The loop ponytail

The woman, Kristen Ess, who is famous for half hair on the Instagram has created this loop ponytail hairstyle. In her creation, she has said that twist your hair into a knot and then leaves them to flow freely instead of pinning up.

2. The braided bun

This is one of the beautiful hairstyles. You need to make braids of all your hair from the bottom into a ponytail. Pull your hair in the ponytail up to your neck and secure them with pins. Now twist your braids upward to make a bun into the ponytail bands and secure them with bobby pins.

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3. Blush-pink bob

The year 2017 had gone when girls used to wear sickly pastel pinks. This year 2018 calls for muted hair tones like faded bush pink bob. The girls look beautiful in this hair colour.

4. Ribbons rule for hair

There is nothing better than a black colour for the year 2018. Whether you are wearing any of these hairstyles like ponytail, plait, braid, or bun, you need to make sure that tie up a bow with a black ribbon on these hairstyles. It will be awesome and a bonus point if you will choose velvet ribbon instead of black.

5. Variety of hair clips

The Instagrammer, Simone Rocha makes beautiful hairstyles and hair looks of models with a bunch of cute hair clips in her spring summer for 2018. We think that to recreate these looks is super easy. However, it’s wrong that you are thinking. You need to try these hairstyles with bejewelled barrettes; then you will understand its difficulty level.

6. The baby bun at the back

There is nothing more beautiful and adorable than a small-tiny hair bun at the back. Just have a look at the beauty vlogger, Allana Davison. She will show you how beautiful is this hairstyle.

7. Sweatbands again

The 90’s sweatbands are back in the flaunting summer days of 2018. Kaia Gerber is wearing this hairstyle in Spring summer 2018 show. If she can wear, then we can also have the choice to wear this hairstyle.

8. The banana bun

Initially, we used to wear messy top knots. Now we have moved from the messy top knots to low slung banana bun for the year 2018.

9. Awkward peach hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles of the year 2018. You can try this faded peach bob for the new hairstyle of the year.

10. That’s a wrap of hair

Most of the girls wear Bandaged ponytails at Uma Wang’s Spring Summer fashion show. It captured our hearts. It is effortless and beautiful hairstyle. What you only need to do is to take a piece of fabric and wrap it around your ponytail and take this fabric to about halfway down to your ponytail.

11. Blair Waldorf headbands

This headbands hairstyle has come as the new hairstyle of the year 2018.

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12. Toffee tints

It’s the hair colour. As we know, warm tones will be the winner of the year 2018, so you need to opt for toffee tinted baby lights from the mid-length to the end of your hair. These highlights will look awesome.

13. The Dark chocolate

This brown chocolate colour is trending this year. Everyone is wearing rich cocoa brown hair. Brunette should add some layers to your hair and this awesome shade.

14. Caramello

We mostly opted for ice-white blondes for the year 2017, and now we have moved from this blondes to cool, classic, and caramel hues. Take a look at Allanna Davison, Canadian Vlogger to see the result of this blondes. You will be happy with this hair colour.

15. Embellished barrettes

Your schoolmates having 90’s hair now have officially grown up. You need to get ready for the new Embellished Baratteess for the year 2018.

16. Ballerina Buns

The bigger the bun will give a beautiful look. Try to make this bigger bun.