10 Ways to Use Baby Oil for Beauty Regimen


Baby oil benefits-personally adore baby oil as they have taken over my entire stock of personal care products. There are multiple reasons why baby oil is a fad on the internet and amongst magazines but let me share the techniques which worked just right for me!

Baby oil benefits for the skin

Baby oil benefits

I always use them after my showers when my body is still a little wet. I give myself a nice massage with oil. I let my skin dry naturally without wiping this off. And voila, my skin remained moisturized throughout. Even during winters, I make sure to not skip this habit. Mixing equal amounts of water and baby oil can make the skin feel hydrated and smooth almost instantaneously.

Baby oil benefits

Baby oil benefits for removing makeup. Massage some baby oil onto the face and wash it off using a nice face wash. I often soak some wipes in this baby oil to get rid of my makeup almost anywhere and then after a wash, massage few drops of oil onto the face again. For mid-day use, I carry some oil wipes in a zip lock. Trust me, its handy.

Baby oil benefits for smooth shaving.

10 Uses of Baby Oil in my Beauty Regimen (3)

For a smooth shaving experience, apply baby oil. The razor should glide like butter thereafter without any cuts or bruises. Great, right?

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The stickiness caused after a wax can be ridden off by using some baby oil. It takes away that messy feel you feel right after waxing. Again either uses a soaked towel or the oil directly on your skin.

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Use baby oils when you run out of eye gels. Don’t put a massive amount though and leave it overnight, no. Massage a few drops for 2 minutes or so and then wipe the excess away using a tissue.

baby oil

Baby oil can be used to make a great scrub. Mix half teaspoon of sugar, few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of this oil to the lips and leave it on the lips. You would find yourself waking up to softer and pinker lips. Maybe give your elbows a shot with the same method.

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As and when I run out of my tinted moisturizers, I add a few drops of baby oil to my foundation and dab it onto my face and neck. I complete the look with a finishing powder, and I’m ready.


Apply baby oil to your toes during the cold, harsh seasons, before putting your socks on. After taking a shower and before sleeping, repeat it for best results.

I have never bought cuticle oil ever. For manicures, I always give my hands a baby oil massage. It works well for me.

10 Uses of Baby Oil in my Beauty Regimen (1)

For taming or for well-groomed eyebrows, use baby oil. Wet it with some oil and take a tiny amount of shadow to shape your brows well.

For dealing with frizzy worn out hair also, baby-oil soaked tissues are perfect. Don’t go for using the oil directly onto your hair though. It may make your hair look slick