Be Aware Of The Tiny Kissing Bugs Killing Dogs And Children


Be aware of kissing bugs-Bugs that killing dog-Bugs are the insects, non-aquatic anthropods, and the arachnids. Well, we generally say that these small insects will not cause any harm to us. They live along with us at our homes. Or as the case, we understand for the houseflies; the bugs are the house bugs. And here we lack in our knowledge.

These small pests can prove to be the most harmful to us. It is because of the invention of the new kind of insects. We generally ignore them and let them move freely, but they are cause for many diseases in our body. Bugs are everywhere. Here we are to introduce the new type which we name them as the kissing bugs.

Be aware of kissing bugs that are really dangerous

Be aware of kissing bugs that are really dangerous

You must be aware of kissing bugs are the blood-feeding insects that might bite you when you are sleeping. Kissing bugs do not mean that they salute you. It is their bite which causes a lot of problems in the life of human beings. We find most of the bits to be harmless. They do not produce an allergic reaction or spread diseases.

There are only a few that cause heart disease or even the sudden death. But the kissing bugs or the triatomines can lead to the dangerous parasitic illness which we also name it as Chagas disease. We believe them causing the life-threatening heart issues. According to the heart association in America, there was a report regarding heart issues with 300,000 cases in the United States.

These small insects act as the silent killers which human cannot even depict the cause of death. It has spread to more than 27 states around the whole world. They are on the list for being the most dangerous, and it is not only because of the heart failures, strokes, or the heart diseases but also because the bite of the bugs does not even show any symptom of the illness among humans. Humans generally are late to identify the problems and hence die before the diagnosis. Thus they get too late to save themselves from such parasites.

The co-author Caryn Bern who is M.D., M.P.H who is the professor of epidemiology and the biostatistics in the University of California in the area of San Francisco said that “There must be early detection of the Chagas disease is very critical. It is because it allows prompt initiation of therapy when such evidence for a cure is strong.”

Here you can see what the kissing bugs look like:

These kissing bugs have black and brown wings. And sometimes they even possess the red, yellow, or orange-colored ring which stripes on the edges. The length of the insects is usually one inch and act as the bloodsuckers. A person passes through two stages of the Chagas disease after the bite of the bugs.

The first stage is the acute phase. The scene lasts for a few weeks, and a person generally suffers from a headache, fever, rash, fatigue, vomitings, body ache, and swelling near the bite wounds.

The second stage is the chronic phase that generally occurs after ten to twenty years after you get infected by the bite.

In this stage, a person suffers from the heart issue and difficulty in the swallowing. It can be in the form of abdominal pain and constipation. These all signs give the symptoms of the person to enter the chronic phase. Now you need to find out the ways to protect your family from such diseases and insects causing problems.


The kissing bugs generally you will find the muddy area. You will get them in the huts or thatch. They get hidden in the cracks that the wall possesses, and later they feed on their appetites on the sleeping humans. You may even get infected by these bugs when you eat the uncooked food that gets contaminated with the feces of the virus. Or might even get by introducing the blood of other people in your body who was primarily affected by it.