Some Ways You Can Stop The Entry Of Insects From Your House Ever Again


Get rid of insects-You always want to live in a pest-free home because they can cause a lot of problems for you but you never want to use a nasty stinky pesticide for that. Chemical pesticides are toxic such that these are harmful to your body and your family members. Well, we can also say that the chemicals that we use can cause much health problems mainly to your heart and your lungs. But we must not worry much about this. Here we have brought some best methods such that you can get rid of insects that you find in your house in the natural ways that can be as effective as you are using chemicals but are not at all harmful to your skin. Here are the ways to protect yourself from the harmful insects.

How to get rid of insects

How to get rid of insects in your house

1. Cockroaches

How to get rid of insects in your house

Cockroaches appear for having food and water, and if you want to catch them, then it is better to make them look in front of you. Because they will always want something to eat. It is best to make a trap for them. You can take one empty plastic bottle of the soft drink and cut it half and assemble it as if it looks like a funnel.

Put a seal with the help of tape as shown in the picture above. Put some water so that you can confirm that roaches will come and try to drink water. Once they get into the bottle will not be able to get out of it. It will help you to get rid of insects.

2. Fruit flies

How to get rid of insects in your house

These fruit flies annoy you the most. But for you, we will show some methods to protect your house from flies and trap them all around. For that, you need to pour the apple cider vinegar in a glass jar. You can also cut some fruit and add into it.

Take a piece of paper and roll it in the form of a funnel to create a trap for the flies. Leave it overnight. Flies can enter it, but it is difficult for them to move out of it.


Flies hate the lavender oil smell. You need to get a sponge or some small cloth and saturate it with the help of undiluted lavender oil.

You can place the jar anywhere in the house without disturbing it. The smell of the oil will spread and flies will not come near to your home, and that is what exactly you want. You can also make a spray by adding the lavender essential oil to the water. But you should avoid the skin contact with undiluted lavender oil.


For the technique, you need to mix the teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid and the cup of water, and can pour it into the small spray bottle. Shake the bottle until it forms bubbles inside it. And now you can spray it in the area where you find the ant tracks. It is the alcohol that can also protect your house from ants.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are beneficial in the pollination and useful for the wild flora. If you have any bee nest in your home, then you must not kill them and call a beekeeper to take it along with him.

If it is not an option, then you can spray the infested area with the citrus oil. You can place the rinds of the variety of fruits in the water and boil it for ten to fifteen minutes. Spray it on the bees holes because they do not like citrus oil.


Well, prevention is better than facing any problem. Wasps think territorial way and hence if you will place the artificial nest of them around your house, then it can solve your problem.

Add the mixture of dishwashing liquid into the water to spray it, or you can directly spray them on the nest, and hence they get killed instantly.


Well, the spiders hate the smell of the tea tree oil. For that, you need to mix a half cup of water to a half cup of vinegar. You need to add a few drops of the tea tree oil and spray it in each corner of your house and wardrobes of your home.