10 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!!


Best beauty hacks-Every girl wishes to look just perfect. But sometimes, in the wake of the dawn, we tend to forget or simply ignore certain important points. Some other times, we’re just too lazy to do literally anything. So, what should you do then? Should you walk out of your house just like that? We believe not! There are some easy beauty hacks that you probably didn’t know about, which are going to come to your rescue. Just have a look at some of those tips!!


1.Fill the brows correctly.

While doing your brows, you should characterize the higher and decrease eyebrow line with a watch pencil and fill within the foreheads with mild strokes. Don’t make your eyebrows too thick as they will end up looking artificial.

2. Avoid hair fall.

Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush to get rid of hair breakage and hair fall.

3. Do your lower lash line correctly.

Instead of liquid eyeliner, use a pencil eyeliner to do your lower lash line.

4.Get the perfect cupid’s bow.

5.Use tape for the perfect wing.

6.Line and curl at the same time.

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7.After you’re done with applying the eyeliner, use some concealer to fix the mistakes. Dab a bit of translucent powder over the concealer to finish your look.

8.Always test your foundation on your neck.

9.Use a pencil to get the right bun.

10. Easy winged eyeliner tutorial.