Beauty standards lies in the eyes of the beholder and which country he or she comes from!

15 Unusual Beauty Standards Around The World

  1. Korea

15 Unusual Beauty Standards Around The World

Korean women have the ultimate desire to have extremely fair, porcelain skin and Korean skincare products are a rage all over the world due to this beauty standards In ancient times, tanned skin meant lower social status, and it has continued since then.

  1. Ethiopia

15 Unusual Beauty Standards Around The World

The Karo tribe in Ethiopia takes immense pride in their scars as scarification is a coming-of-age rite in their culture.

  1. France

French women adhere to ‘jolie laide’ which denotes “unconventional beauty”, and gives them the liberty to embrace their flaws with aplomb. So liberating!

  1. New Zealand

The Maori women adorn themselves with chin tattoos that are done using a chisel. Called Ta-moko, they are considered a must-have in their culture.

  1. Mauritania

You may think that skinny is in, but the people of Mauritania would digress. They believe in the adage ‘bigger is beautiful’ and were even known to force-fed their daughters to make them put on weight and thus, more viable for marriage.

  1. Russia

Russian women are very careful about their public appearances and take immaculate care to present the best version of themselves in public.

  1. Kenya

No one rocks buzz cuts and stretched earlobes better than the woman of the Masai tribe in Kenya. Their traditional, colourful jewellery has no match in the world!

  1. Iran

Nose jobs are the biggest status symbols in Iran. Getting a nose job done symbolises that you are wealthy enough to get such a costly cosmetic procedure done, and often many people wear their bandages for too long just to show-off.

  1. The Netherlands

If you love eye makeup, in the Netherlands, they take it one step further with eye jewellery. Yes, you read it right. Only legal in the Netherlands, this involves a licensed ophthalmologist implanting platinum of your desired shape in your eyes. Talk about stars in the eyes!

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  1. Japan

You might visit a dentist if you have a double tooth to get it removed but in Japan, women go to dentists to get a double tooth. Called Yaeba, this procedure is very popular in Japan as it gives a youthful look.

  1. Thailand

In the Kayan tribe of Burma and Thailand, long necks are a sign of attractiveness. When girls are only five years old, they are made to wear brass rings to elongate their necks and every year, new rings are added.

  1. China

In Chinese culture, small feet were considered especially attractive, and thus, many Chinese women had to undergo the horrific practice of foot-binding to get lotus feet. It involved breaking the foot at different places and then folding them over to make them look smaller. Very barbaric, right?

  1. India

You might stumble upon the women of the Apatani tribe in India wearing large plugs into the sides of their noses. In olden times, it was a way of protecting their women from being stolen off for brides as they were considered to be the most beautiful women in India and is now a tradition that they still imbibe!

  1. Indonesia

Called teeth chiselling, some Indonesian tribes have the practice of women filing their teeth without any anaesthesia to get sharp, pointed teeth. It is too painful to even think about it!

  1. USA

While other cultures aspire to get fairer skin, women in the USA willing lay in the sun to get tanned bodies. There are even artificial tanning places, and they even risk getting skin cancer in the quest of getting that tempting tan!