Some Amazing Apps That Will Make You More Productive


Apps that can make you productive-Smartphones and productivity don’t go together, do they? After reading this article, your point of view on it is most probably going to change. We’ve all had our share of nagging from our mothers on how we waste our time surfing the internet and how this time can be used otherwise, in a productive manner. What if I tell you that there are some apps which are designed to make sure of that exact task and help us being productive? Today while venturing this article you will get to know about these apps and how they ensure your productivity.

Apps that can make you productive


Apps that can make you productive

Cloudveil is another free calendar application, but it is very different from the other ones as it confines all the Google and Outlook calendars into one. It is great as is gives you an overview of all the events or tasks from Facebook, Evernote, Meetup and Eventbrite. It will bring all such information in one place and thus prevent any waste of time.


Apps that can make you productive

Do you have to send an important e-mail to your employer and for some reason your computer refuses to start? Well then, install TeamViewer and solve the issue with the help of an IT specialist who will fix the problem immediately. This application is most famous for remote computer or mobile control.

Google Keep

This app works great for creating notes. What sets it apart from other such applications is that you can add hashtags to your notes and then there is no place for forgotten passwords. With this app, you can, dictate notes on the move, sort the records by colour,  even share them with whomsoever you want.

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For how long have you wanted to practice meditation and obtain that inner peace. With the help of Headspace, you can finally achieve this landmark with the help of a smartphone and headphones only. It will guide you through animations, videos and audios. If you struggle to have meditation in your life, then this app is the way to go.


Is it just me, or do you also struggle to save your favourite articles “till later”?  This app is an archive where you can save all of the articles that interest you. Just put a tag on it, for example, #Literature, and find the required article with no waste of time.

This app helps you find your perfect tune for work, meditation or even sleep. There is a known fact that melodies can help you with different purposes be it focussing or relaxing. Install and choose the perfect one by your mood.


This app is highly in demand among small companies and start-ups for its effective organisation under the Japanese methodology and Kanban boards. Trello is the perfect project management system that you need as it sorts the tasks by the degree of implementation, i.e. to do, doing and done.

Complete all your tasks with a reminder given from this app. app helps in the fulfilment of tasks, and they can be perceived as a game.


Have you also lost all your data because your PC can’t work well and needs fixation? Dropbox is a cloud storage application that is here to save your precious files. Dropbox has made it possible for you to have all your data in your hands at any time you need.


This app can be used by those who like to open more than five applications at a time. Flipboard allows you to check the news on an app, catch up with your friends on Messenger, or even see what your friends have been up to on Facebook and Instagram, all at the same time. Flipboard is a magazine that gets updates from all the concerned social media platforms.

Have you also struggled with remembering events, organising, saving essential documents and other issues which are mentioned above? You will no longer be troubled by these hurdles as these applications have brought simplicity at your doorstep. Install the apps that you need for your work right now and test their efficiency yourselves.