Other Uses Of Baking Soda Than In Kitchen


Benefits of baking soda-In chemistry science, baking soda is known as sodium bicarbonate, and it is one among the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. If you look at the usage of the baking soda, then we can make it from the pantry items to the baking items. It is in all-purpose the magical thing. Baking soda is the best and cheap DIY alternative to beauty products.

Here are some benefits of baking soda you should know

Benefits of baking soda you need to know

In all those ways you can make the best use of baking soda as the shampoo. Baking soda will improve the quality of your hair and also it will multiply its growth. The work is so compelling that you will get the best results according to you after two to three times use. We know people are at the back of using the expensive shampoos as they believe that the more is the valuable product, and the more it is useful, but they do not know it contains chemicals and thus harms our hair. They are chemical-laden products. So without further discussing the terms of market products we should consider how to prepare shampoo at home.

Things Required for the preparation:

You need two tablespoons of the baking soda along with five to six tablespoons of water, apple cider vinegar of one tablespoon, and two to three drops of the essential oils.

Method to prepare the shampoo.

You need to take a bowl to add baking soda and water to it in the given proportion. The quantity of the shampoo that you are going to prepare is according to the length of your hair. Add both the ingredients in the ratio of 1:3. Mix both the products so that it will form the smooth paste.