Best 15 cartoon shows of our childhood


90’s kids can understand the value of these cartoon shows as it was the only mode of entertainment for them. Cartoon series of those times were memorable and meaningful. Such series and movies became the part of routine life in the 90’s. Here is the compilation of 15 best cartoon shows of those times which can bring a perfect smile and nostalgic mood to each one of you.

1) Batman- The Animated Series
One of the greatest superhero in the cartoon series. Batman, who was a normal boy turned into an orphan at an early age, turns out to be a superhero who had overcome his fears of bats and converted it into his strength.

2) Swat Kats- The Radical Squadron
Everyone remembers these two favourite humbled vigilantes who used to save their city Megakat and Callie Briggs. One of the popular cartoon series among boys.

3) X-Men
Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, Beast, Jean Grey, and Professor Charles Xavier these 7 famous characters which make this show a hit and craziest one for boys followed by X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Marvel Anime: X-Men.

4) Courage the Cowardly Dog
One of the most renowned series of cartoon network which comprised of a dog who used to save his owners from weird and terrific ghosts.

5) The Family Guy
One of the most comedy series of those times which rotates around a dysfunctional family on a weird island.

6) Spider-Man
I believe that this show was popular enough that it does not need any introduction. The guy Peter Parker who was bitten by a spider who then achieves characteristics features of a spider and fights against his enemies.

7) SpongeBob Square Pants
This was the most entertaining series of a sponge, living with his friends underwater, working at a restaurant and living in a pineapple shape house.

8) Superman
Superman, who was the last son of Krypton and protects his mother Earth. One of the biggest superhero along with Spiderman and Batman. It also presented Flash, Green Lantern, Lobo, and Steel with more number of villains from Toyman to Darkseid.

9) Dexter’s Laboratory
“Dee Dee, get out of my laboratory!!” A memorable show of a serious boy and his irritating sister.

10) Pinky and the Brain
A genius mouse and his imprudent sidekick who wished to rule over the world every night. Not so famous but still holds a record in top 20 IMDB ratings.

11) TaleSpin
Baloo the Bear who was pilot of bush Pacific Islands. The character was adapted from the famous Jungle Book.

12) Tiny Toon Adventures
Comprises of new generation characters of Warner Bros, Looney Toons characters.

13) Ed, Edd, n Eddy
This is one of that series which brings back the school memories of that filthy classmates.

14) The Powerpuff Girls
Most popular TV shows among girls which comprises of three super girls fighting against their enemies Mojo Jojo.

15) Johnny Bravo
This show comprises that muscular, blonde-haired guy named Johnny Bravo who had a single aim to pick adorable women and also find a number of dates. Remember, he never used to take off his glasses?