Is Egg Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?


There always has been a tricky question when it comes to egg i.e. “What came first, the egg or the hen?” Another question which arises based on the origin of egg “Is an egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?” Although many of us believe that an egg is non-vegetarian but still there is a lot of debate going on this.

Who came first- Hen or Egg?
The argument started way back in the ancient period but now the scientists have claimed that it was the hen who came before an egg.

A protein named ovocleidin 17
Scientists stated that a protein named ovocleidin 17 present inside a hen’s womb helps in the formation and development of an egg.

It has also been proved that this protein only exists in hen’s womb and nowhere else due to which researchers further specified that hen came into existence before and formed the first egg with the help of this protein.

Moving on to the next question

The theory proved above has helped in solving the other mystery that whether an egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Is an egg vegetarian?

Everyone believes that an egg is non-vegetarian as it is laid by hen and further develops into a chick so it may contain part of a developing chick.

If you think that what you are consuming is a developing chick then you are wrong because you are unaware of the fact that the market egg is unfertilized.
What do we mean by unfertilized eggs?

It means that we have taken out them before their developing times. Which further means that there is no part of any chick or gametes in it.
Anatomy Of Egg

An egg is comprised of three different parts- shell-like covering, an edible portion and yolk.
Due to that white part, an egg is vegetarian

Yes, you read it right! The white edible portion is nothing else, but a protein and do not contain any portion of a hen. Therefore, this part is vegetarian.
Egg Yolk

Apart from the white portion, egg yolk also contains a number of proteins. If the egg is unfertilized then it is vegetarian but if it is a fertilized one then it is non-vegetarian as it may contain gametes.

This yellow portion is an essential part as it contains several important proteins which are good for health.
Difference between both the eggs

The major difference between both the eggs is that the fertilized eggs are more yellowish in appearance due to the presence of gametes.