5 Best Belly Fat Burning Exercises Without Running


Belly fat burning exercises-The one primary thing that you find in your body is the belly fat. But you must not worry about most of it. You must worry only if you have the belly which is difficult to reign it. Also, it might even manifest to itself into many other dangerous situations or the ailments. It would even lead to the long term adverse effects on our health. If your suffering from the body fat then check this post to know how you can reduce your body fat without exercise.

Often many people like to live in big cities. They might not have access to the running tracks, and hence it would ever happen to be in the situation that you would be irregular to visit the gym. Here we will describe you the facts by which you can lead to the burning of the belly fats and those you can perform to comfort yourself. You can quickly have access to them.


5 Best Belly Fat Burning Exercises Without Running

Push-ups are not only effective exercises when you want to fight against the belly fats. Maintaining good physical fitness is good. Well, you can even find them to be common in the military for physical training worldwide.

You need to lie down with the chest facing the ground and the backup. Now you have to raise your body with the help of arms and the lower body.


Burpee acts to be great but is the simple four steps to perform in the form of an exercise which would help you to get rid of the belly fat stubbornly. You need to get into the position of playing the squats. Place your palms flat on the ground. Now kick one of the knees in the back position and keep on extending your arms. Soon return to the squat position once again. Now stand up straight in the average area as you were in the starting.

Mountain climber

We are all aware that climbing a mountain is a great exercise. But you do not have a mountain to climb and perform the activity. The task is the best to mimic the climbing of the hills. You must make even needless to say that it is a bit effective. Burning the undesired fats of the belly is good.

Place your body in the plank position. Now try to lift one of your foot for a little. Now pull it up in between the front side of the body and the floor. Now try to move your leg back to the original position. Now perform the same with the other knee.


It is one most critical and crucial exercises which helps in the removal of excess and extra belly fats. Begin the activity by placing them face-up on the floor. Now try to bend the knees and the feet flat on the ground. Now it is the time to place the head which keeps your thumb behind the ears. Now you need to curl up your neck, head, and the shoulder to lift it off from the ground. Now hold the position for a while and be back to the starting position once again.

Forearm Plank is one of the best belly fat burning exercises

It is the best way by which you can perform the plank activity. You will get to complete the same after achieving the push-up position. You will use the forearms and toes to accomplish the same. It is to help in bearing the weight of the body. Also, it will provide strength to the shoulders and the cores which even include your glutes. You need to perform an activity by placing the forearms on the ground. Now keep the elbows below with the width shoulders apart. Now try to lift your body with the help of your forearms and the toes.

Try to remain in the position for the next thirty seconds for the person trying for the first time. But after you practice it daily then increase its time.

Well, there are many other forms of the plank which even include the walk in the plank position, the side plank, and the medicine ball plank. Now, it is the right time to start the exercise. Thus you must be the one to start it.